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We all know how essential a goodnight’ sleep is to our overall well-being. You need to sleep like a baby if you want to wake up more energetic ready to deal with next day’s busy schedules.

But how do you achieve this? The most crucial thing you need to consider is your mattress. If you are going to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep every night, then your mattress has to be the right one for your sleep needs.

Never underestimate the importance of a good-quality mattress. The support and comfort it gives you when sleeping is what your body needs after a long busy day. Although a new mattress can be a sizable investment, your ability to sleep well can never be compared with any amount of money. You deserve to sleep best and enjoy all the benefits that come with good sleep.

Since a mattress is not something you will buy after a few weeks or months, choosing a quality and durable mattress is very important. You need a mattress that will serve you for at least five years without its quality deteriorating.

To help you in the journey of discovering the best type of mattress for your sleep needs, this article contains key information on different types of mattresses available in the market and awesome tips to help you choose the right one for you among them.

Different types of mattresses and their features

Knowing the basics about different types of mattresses can serve as a foundation when searching for the best mattress. Here are a few of them.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses are environmentally friendly since they are made from petroleum-based or plants materials. The resilient material offers great support and comfort to the sleeper by keeping the pressure away from areas like shoulders and hips. Thus, enabling the sleeper to maintain proper sleep alignment. A latex mattress is a good option if you are sharing your bed with someone else. It can also be a solution to a person suffering from lower back pain.

Memory foam

Memory foam was initially invented back in the 1970s with an aim to provide comfortable seats on aeroplanes but these days it’s abundantly found in mattresses and pillows as well. These mattresses are made with foam only, the feature which allows them to conform to the curves of your body when you lie and dispense your weight evenly over the surface. The form mattress can be good for you for various reasons. The mattress can help sleepers who tend to sleep on one side for too long to avoid waking up with pain and achy joints. The feature that makes this mattress moldable to the shape of your body can make you feel warmer if you are someone who gets cold when sleeping. For warm sleepers, consider a cool foam mattress designed to keep you cooler.


The most impressive feature of gel-infused mattresses is that they have all the benefits associated with foam mattresses and at the same time, they have eliminated most of their counterpart’s limitations. For instance, a gel-infused mattress will easily conform to the shape of the sleeper but spring back to its normal form faster than memory form mattress would. It’s a perfect option to sleepers who toss and turn around a lot or someone who is sharing the bed with their partners.

Mammoth mattress

Mammoth mattresses are made from advanced medical-grade foam and they are packed with several health benefits. They have been manufactured using cutting-edge technology to ensure you get all the rest your body needs. Sleeping on a mammoth mattress can keep the back and neck pain at bay thanks to its ability to relieve pressure and offer the ideal support your body needs when sleeping.


Innerspring a common design and has been around for a very long time. Since their invention way back in 1857, a lot of upgrades have been done making the mattress more stable and comfortable to the sleeper. A steel coil support system is used to provide support to the sleeper. The coils are either individually wrapped or connected. For a connected design, the bed has a bouncier feel since all the coils are connected into a single unit. For individually wrapped design, the coils function independently. Meaning, if you share a bed with someone, you won’t feel it when they move or turn.

Tips to choose the right mattress

To ensure you don’t get disappointed for investing in the wrong mattress, here are some amazing tips to help you choose a perfect mattress for you.

Your sleeping position

It is very important to consider your sleeping position before investing in a new mattress. That’s why buying a mattress because a friend or a family member recommended it to you is a big no. Everyone sleeps differently. Depending on your favourite sleeping position, it will be easier to choose a mattress that gives you the right support. If you like sleeping on your back, then a firm mattress will be the most ideal because a soft one could ruin your back. Same case to people who sleep on their stomach. For side sleepers, a mattress with medium firmness is a great choice so that it can give your hips the support they need without making you uncomfortable.

Your weight

The next thing to think about when shopping for a good mattress is your weight. It’s perhaps the most crucial factor when searching for the right mattress. You need a mattress that can support your weight without reducing its lifespan or exposing yourself to terrible sleep problems. Therefore, if you are heavier, ensure you get a mattress firm enough to support your spine perfectly. However, light people should opt for soft options because they are not heavy enough to sink in thicker and firmer mattresses.

Lifestyle changes

Other than your weight and sleeping position, some changes in your life can also help you to determine the kind of a mattress you need. If you have been sleeping alone but soon your partner will be joining you, you need to get a mattress strong and firm enough to handle both of you. The mattress should also enable each one of you to enjoy a goodnight’s sleep without being disturbed every time your partner rolls at night.

Moreover, if you are pregnant you can choose to get a mattress that accommodates your new body weight and shape. A soft option would be ideal but it should be strong enough to support your growing baby bump. You can also consider adding more pillows for support since changing mattresses throughout the three trimesters is not logical.

Time to get a new mattress

If it’s time to get a new mattress, please do so. Choose a mattress that is strong, accommodating and supportive to you. Good sleep is the backbone of good health and overall wellbeing. Be smart and make a healthy choice.


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