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Did you know that the mattress foundation you select to support your bed can have a massive impact on how long your bed lasts? A mattress foundation is essential for supporting both your sleep and your mattress.

You have spent lots of time looking for the right mattress, and now you need to find the best foundation. Once you’ve got the perfect bed for you, you wouldn’t want to put it in a tight spot by choosing the wrong kind of support.

There are many types of foundations available in the market today, and each has its own rewarding features. For a little help, here’s how to choose the best foundation for your mattress. Take a read!

Types of Bed Frames and Mattress Foundations

A mattress foundation is your mattress’s support system. There are different kinds of foundation, including platform bases, adjustable bed frames, bunkie boards, metal bed frames, slatted bed foundations, and box springs.

Which mattress foundation is best for you heavily depends upon your budget, sleeping preferences, and mattress type. Below are some of the mattress foundations you might be interested in.

Metal Bed Frame

This type of mattress foundation is generally used to add more height to your bed and keep the box spring in place. Metal bed frames are not explicitly designed to support only a mattress. Some are adjustable to match the size of your bed.

A metal bed frame is best used with box springs. It’s not good to put your mattress straight to the metal bed frame. Take note that there is insufficient support, causing your mattress to droop.

If you don’t want the metal bed frame and box spring combination, go for metal bed frames such as Zinus SmartBase that provides you a value-oriented and minimal solution to the bed frame and box spring combo. Be sure to read a zinus smartbase review first before buying this product.

Box Spring

Box springs are sturdy platforms usually comprised of a metal or wooden framework and plastered in the material. Conventional box springs were made with springs inside the framework. However, modern-day box springs don’t have springs inside the framework anymore.

Therefore, they are more lightweight and uncomplicated to transport or ship. This mattress foundation can be used with a wood or metal platform base or alone. Prices range from 100 dollars to 300 dollars.

Box springs are best used with any mattress types. But take note that some memory foam mattresses need a solidly built platform. Therefore, make sure to know what the manufacturer suggests before buying a box spring.

Moreover, another great option, if you need more straightforward transportation or have limited space, are split foundation box springs. You’ll need two pieces to cater to the entire size of your mattress. If you want this foundation, you must ensure you have a bed frame or platform base to lay it on so that the pieces won’t move around.

Slatted Bed Foundation

A slatted bed foundation is made up of metal or wood frames with planks of metal or wood. This type of mattress foundation can also provide incredible under-bed storage, depending on the height. Moreover, they can offer better airflow if you place your mattress directly on top of a slatted bed foundation.

Adjustable Bed Frame

This type of foundation let the sleeper adjust the elevation or angle of the bed to different positions, usually by remote control. We can say that adjustable bed frames are the best of all the mattress foundations there is.

Apart from being spectacular, adjustable bed frames can offer multiple health benefits. It can help alleviate sleep apnea, back and joint pain, snoring, and acid reflux. Also, it can aid in promoting healthy blood circulation.

Because of these benefits, this foundation can be very expensive, and sometimes it can cost more than your mattress.

Why You Need a Good Mattress Foundation

A good foundation for your mattress is quintessential. It can offer multiple sleeping benefits, which you might not even think exist. Although it may appear like another add-on, you must consider your foundation and mattress as a pair.

Mattress foundations are essential for many reasons. They offer added support, aid in making your mattress last longer, help add height to your bed, keeps your bed in place, keeps your mattress clean, and helps with airflow.

How to Choose the Right Foundation

There are several things to consider when choosing the foundation for your mattress. Some may be crucial to you than others. However, you need to look for a foundation that provides optimum support for your well-being and comfort.

The following are some factors that may affect your decision:

  • Mattress Type. Consider the kind of mattress you have since some foundations work best with a particular type of mattress.
  • Budget. Don’t skimp on your mattress foundation because it is an essential part of your sleeping setup. Nevertheless, there are affordable options out there, even below 100 dollars.
  • Durability and Longevity. Make sure the foundation you choose will last long and is made to support your mattress effectively.
  • Ease of Setup. Consider how the foundation will be shipped and what type of assembly is needed.
  • Style and Design. Ensure your mattress foundation fits your room and your mattress.
  • Warranty. Take note of the guarantee of your mattress and if it only covers sagging or damages if you’re using a foundation.


If you’re unsure which mattress foundation will work best with your mattress; then it’d be best to reach out to the manufacturer and know what they recommend. In this way, you can narrow down your search. Just keep in mind that the foundation you choose is as essential as the mattress itself. A good one can aid you to reap all the benefits that your sleeping pad has to provide.
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