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Today, there are numerous platforms that claim to offer the best essay writing service. Some of these platforms are genuine and will deliver quality essays. However, there are others that will charge you high prices and then fail to deliver the quality you expect. As you are looking for a platform to work with, do not stop at every link that says essay for sale. Take your time and assess the credibility of the platform. Here are a few tips to help find a perfect platform.

Develop a topic for your paper

Coming up with a topic or a title for your paper narrows down what you expect. For example, a student with the topic of income inequality will, in the end, receive a paper that is general. Such papers attract low marks. However, if on the other hand, you choose the topic of income inequality in the manufacturing industry or the tech industry in the U.S., you will get a paper with a much narrower argument. This paper will attract high marks because it shows you took time to think about the topic that relates to how the U.S. economy is. So, your topic will determine the kind of paper you will have. Cody Rhodes, a learning specialist at EssayZoo says that even as you use essay writing help, make sure you decide on your topic. The topic you come up with will determine the kind of paper you will get at the end of the writing process.

Know how many words your essay requires

Before you place an essay request, make sure you know how many words your essay requires. You can look at pre-written papers for sale with the same topic as yours and then estimate the number of words yours will need. Not all papers will need 1000 words or 4500 words. Some of them need 800 and will exhaust all the points that you need. Others, especially research papers, will need more than 1500 words because of the amount of information one generates from the research process. Do not be in a hurry as you look for a writing platform. Take time and find the best in the business. If you are looking for a pre-written paper, the same case applies. Knowing the number of words you want in an essay will help to simplify the searching process.

Cheap is expensive

Cheap is expensive is a phrase that people use to denote instances when choosing cheaper options leads to more problems especially with regards to quality. When you are choosing a pair of shoes, chances are that you will meet several shoe vendors with different shoe sizes. These shoes will also differ in their price. The most expensive shoes will have the best designs and will serve you longer. The cheaper ones will also look the part but will not serve you the same way as the expensive shoes. So, the best option is never the cheaper option even though it will save you some dollars. The same case applies when you are buying a pre-written essay for sale. The cheaper options will parade themselves in the same the expensive options will. Both will use the word quality to lure you their way. However, remember that cheap is expensive and in the end, you may end up writing or buying another essay altogether. But, going for the most expensive when you do not have the money is also not practical. You need to strike a balance between quality and price. Do not go for the most expensive if you do not have the money. You can find one with favorable prices and with great quality as well.

Request a plagiarism report or get one yourself

Not all platforms care about you or your education. A significant percentage of these platforms are in the academic writing industry to make money and to them, you are but another customer. So, you need to be vigilant and ask for a plagiarism report. Some platforms that sell essays will sell one paper to several clients. These essays are not unique in any way and the only thing you can do with them is to use them as a point of reference. So, request a plagiarism report every time you receive your paper and confirm that it is original. Aside from the above, it is advisable to order custom essay writing if you need a unique article. EssayZoo suggests that for original and unique papers, you should use custom essay writing platforms. These platforms employ professionals in various fields who are ready to write your essay from scratch. So, in the event that you feel you want a paper with original ideas, avoid essays for sale.

It is also significant to discuss here that the use of an online plagiarism check tool can play a vital role in this regard. You can find a plethora of online tools over the web that claim themselves the best plagiarism check tools. However, it is suggested to test the performance of various online tools before settling for a single one. You can also find paid or free utilities on the internet that gives you the opportunity to detect similarity in content. IT is up to you to choose any one of them as per your desire.

Find reliable platforms or services

In the field of academic writing, you will meet many people but only a few will have your best interests at heart. Many platforms will claim to provide college papers for sale and at affordable prices. However, only a few will live up to their promise. You need to do some research or conduct background checks on these platforms and get to know the stories behind the success or lack thereof of these platforms. Read reviews by previous customers and get to know a bit of history of any service you choose to use. A good place to start is also by reading academic essays examples to at least get to know what to expect from the service you choose to use. It will take you time but in the end, you will appreciate the time you took to research a service. So, do not be in a hurry to choose a platform.

In conclusion, the one thing you need to take from this article is not to trust everyone who claims to have college essays for sale. Do your research and know who will honor their word and who will take you for a ride and then run away with your money. It is tedious and you will read a lot of reviews and visit many forums. However, in the end, you will settle on a platform that meets your needs.


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