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As a young driver, investing time and resources on driving classes makes you look forward to receiving the absolute best lessons. The standard, commitment, and reputation of a driving school are essential. They can vary tremendously, even though they are just located around the same area.

Here is a list of factors that you need to remember in choosing the best driving schools with EzLicence:


Sadly, certain people work as driving instructors but are not trained for the job. If you are a competent driving coach and you have trained your student for the examination, you are expected to do the exam with the student. If a driving instructor is not qualified, they cannot accompany students. Untrained drivers are usually fined for operating as a driving instructor without certification.

Ensure that the driving schools at EzLicence only have professionally trained instructors, and they can support this by showing you their Instructors License. Besides being qualified, it also pays when your driving instructor has good experience with a comprehensive understanding of the local area, including its specific testing standards.

If you book driving lessons with highly regarded driving schools, you can be assured that the trainer understands the local examination tracks. Not only that, but they also know what local examiners specifically look for. It will be a lot simpler for you to pass the exams as you know what is in the examination and how they assess examiners.

Extra Qualifications

Many driving instructors are dedicated to becoming the best in the field, so they take extra schooling and gain more credentials. Possessing more than necessary qualifications is a positive sign that the driving instructor takes traffic safety and the services they provide seriously. Ensure that your preferred driving school has instructors who aim to be the greatest and who are continuously improving their skills.

A few of the additional qualifications for driving instructors include Keys2Drive safer and specialized driving lessons for learners with disabilities.

Dual Control Cars

Make sure that the driving school provides a dual control car. Under the worst possible scenario, the trainer could use dual controls to hit the brakes and prevent dangerous events. It is a wonderful security net for young drivers and minimizes the risk of accidents during classes.


Learners should undertake a minimum of 120 hours of training, plus 20 hours of driving at night in Australia, and the optimal sessions are one hour long. The amount of driving lessons a learner requires ultimately depends on the commitment of the student and the effort that they put in learning outside of the sessions. The further experience you can collect, the better primed you could be for a driving test, but still make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Positive reviews

Check what other learners have to say regarding the driving school and verify the school’s Google reviews and Facebook page to know what former learners think about their experience with the school. When a driving school does an excellent job, there will be positive comments from previous students. You could also profit from the knowledge and experiences of other learners.

Choosing the right driving school is essential if you want to be a competent driver who knows how to avoid road accidents. Price is not just the only thing you need to remember in deciding. These elements that include seasoned instructors, reliable and efficient cars, passing rates, and the number of students, make driving schools more or less desirable.


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