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You have just landed your new job? Congratulations! Now, how will you behave? Starting a new job is a really exciting step in everyone’s career. Unfortunately, stress is an integral part of this process. Don’t worry. Remember that you have already passed the recruitment process and now you just need to deliver what you promised in your interview.

Faxburner claims that there are some informal rules you should follow in order to present yourself well during your first days. Let’s take a look at them.

Prepare yourself

Before going to work you should become familiar with the company and its history. Make sure you are aware of the responsibilities you will carry and nothing you mentioned in your resume can surprise you. You should also remember about good timing. Get to your work early. So many situations can happen while commuting. Better set the alarm clock earlier than normal so you can prevent from showing up late.

Meet everybody

Great all the employees, it doesn’t matter what position you just acquired, you should meet all the people below you and above you. Be nice, be friendly and most importantly – be yourself. Don’t act like the others to adjust and for sure do not sneak up. Just smile and tell them about you. Golden tip: make some effort and try to remember their names quickly.

Act neutral

When you just started your job, the position does not let you align yourself with anybody yet. Stay neutral and make sure to get to know people around you. Just simply communicate you are here to do your job well and contribute to the company’s success. Don’t be arrogant. You may have more experience than the others but don’t let them feel insecure because of it. Just focus on building a friendly atmosphere.

Don’t get distracted

First days at the new job are stressful enough so you don’t need to cause any other problematic situations. As soon as you are not familiar with the rules in the company, try to avoid any risk and switch your mobile phone off. Make sure not to be bothered while working. Prove your employer that you are a professional. It’s all about the first impression.

Build friendly relationships

People need to see you become a part of the team. Even if you are an introvert, do not separate yourself as soon as you sit on your desk. Get to know the people you work with, establish some communication rules with your mentor, get along with your buddy and see how people function as a team. Get familiar with the culture and the habits of the company. Maybe they have social drinking Fridays, or they celebrate each other’s birthdays in a special way.

Define your objectives

Each position has its goals to achieve. As soon as you define yours, it will become easier to reach them. It will also significantly help you prioritize all responsibilities and plan your daily duties. Also, plan your own goal in the long-term. It will motivate you to become more productive and work on your own development.

Ask questions

Everything is new, there is still a lot of unknown, all the information is overwhelming. Calm down. That’s normal, you don’t get used to your work environment within two days. You need time to process it. Each company has its own procedures, tools, policies and so on. Don’t stay silent.

If you wanna make sure you will understand – ask, ask, and then ask some more. Answering your questions is part of onboarding. People are here for you to explain stuff but sometimes what is obvious for them doesn’t have to be for you. Communicate what you want to know and for sure you will receive a satisfying answer. Besides, by asking for information you show the company your interests and desire to learn.

Be positive

This may sound so obvious but the right attitude can really affect people’s quality of work. When you are a fresh new employee, try to show the people your positive vibe and commitment. It’s always an extra motivation for the board to see the energy of the new employee. Show your enthusiasm for being a part of the team.

The bottom line

There are many ways to build up a good first impression. People will analyze you for weeks really closely to check if what you said in your interview and in your CV was true. Proving your skills on the first days is critical if you want to keep your job and leave a good impression. Do your work the best you can, stay professional, interact with the team and be friendly to everyone. Participate in off-work gatherings and show everybody that hiring you was a great decision because you are about to become an integral part of the company.


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