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If you want to dive into the exciting new 3D world and create amazing new visualisations but have nowhere to start, there are a few important things to take note off. The world of 3D animation is new and thrilling. It allows you to bring to life anything that you can imagine and model it with your own hands. 3D artists feel this is the most rewarding feelings. It is not easy to become a 3D artist and it can be quite bumpy especially if you have no idea how to start.

If you decide to become a 3D artist there are essential steps that you should take.

Learn how to use 3D software – this may be an obvious one. In order to become a 3D artist you need to know how to use the software. Everything you do will be done using the software. There are many different tools available so you need to choose one that is right for you. Make sure that you do some research and find the tools that other 3D artists are using. Try using them to find the ones that you are most comfortable with. The 3D animation cost may vary depending on which programme you decide to use.

  1. Ensure that you practice your skills everyday – if you want to be successful at something then you must practice every day. It may take lots of trials and errors but in the end you will be successful at this skill. Try to sketch a lot and get the experience that you need to make it and build a successful career. Make your 3D software your best friend and get to know all its features and master them.
  2. Don’t procrastinate – procrastination is the worst motivation killer. You will never be successful if you procrastinate. Ensure that it has no show in your life and don’t allow anything to be a distraction. Don’t make excuses why something can’t be done, rather find ways to get it done.
  3. Research other works – if you want to be successful you should research the works of other 3D artists. This will help inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Stay in touch with what these artists are doing. This is quite simple as you can find pretty much anything online these days.
  4. Create a portfolio – in order to get jobs you need to have a portfolio of your work available for potential clients to see. These will showcase our talents and creativity which you will share with the rest of the world. It would be ideal to create a website and share all your work on there as this makes it easy for people to find and hire you. Keep adding to your portfolio especially from your successful projects. This will open does for many more possibilities for you.
  5. Ensure that your artwork gets noticed – you need to get your artwork out there and a good way of doing this is via social media. Be sure to share all that you have done and are doing on social media. Word will spread like wildfire and your name will become known among people together with your works. You can also post your work and get feedback on it to help you improve your skills.
  6. Start networking – it is very important to network no matter what business you own. You will meet new 3D artists and you can share experiences with them. This will help you learn from each other and share skills. It will also allow you to meet influential people and potential clients.
  7. Continue to improve – it is important that you constantly seek out ways to improve on your skills. Always push yourself because there is so much you can learn and no end to how much you can grow. The most prosperous 3D artists are never entirely content with their work because they know there is always room to improve. The only way you can grow is if you become aware of the shortfalls in your work and you can thus improve on them.

If you want to become successful at 3D modelling you should start small and then slowly improve your skills. You will not become successful overnight, it takes patience and dedication. You must be willing to put in the effort to get the benefits.



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