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As a parent or teenager’s buddy, you are concerned about his/her well-being. It can get overwhelmingly difficult to deal with them if they are into drugs.

Most teens get drawn into substance addictions and start showing mental issues and domestic escapism. However, it can take a major toll on their life, and being a parent or caretaker, you need to understand how to deal with this and how to find the right drug rehab option.

Getting To Know The Causes

Firstly, here are the major causes that may lead your teen to drug addiction.

  • A conflict or discord in the family
  • Drug abuse by parents
  • Impulsiveness
  • History with mental illness
  • Exposure to substances in teen’s environment
  • Genetics
  • A history of emotional, sexual, or physical abuse
  • A history of academic problems

Symptoms of Addiction To Look For

To know the extent of their abuse, it’s important to notice their erratic behaviors and understand them. Here are common signs and symptoms teens often show whether they are abusing drugs or not.

  • The sudden display of erratic behaviors (being moody)
  • Changing the friend circle more than often
  • Lacking personal hygiene
  • Displaying truancy
  • Getting rid of their hobbies and interests
  • Academic issues
  • A significant decline in grades
  • Issues regarding family and other relationships
  • Changes in sleeping and eating patterns

Know What To Do

As suggested by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), here are some steps to consider.

  • Money given to your teen can be used to buy drugs, so keep a check on that
  • Prohibit using the vehicle
  • Do not let them manipulate you into avoiding treatment
  • Focus on your teen’s life
  • While talking with them think beforehand
  • Don’t accuse them
  • Say no to negativity
  • Maintain strong communication with them
  • Be less strict and more friendly with them
  • Do not give in to their craving to avoid conflict with them

Finding Help

You can consider the following options to deal with your teen’s addiction problems.

Addiction Counselors

An assessment is done by these counselors to determine the extent of your teen’s substance addiction. Counselors can recommend the types of treatment programs you must enroll your teen into.

School Counselors

After having a conversation with your teen and you about their abuse, these school counselors may provide an appropriate assessment.

Youth Counselor

Some people from church are trained to talk to the folks to help them deal with substance abuse. Your teen might be able to open up about their discomfort and despair and might agree to take the required treatment.


When your teenager refuses to seek help, it is the interventionist’s job to overcome this barrier. They may meet the friends of your teen to draw a plan on approaching the patient and ways of getting the required help.

Trusted Pediatrician

Your family doctor can help your teen to open up and talk about his issues more comfortably. Your doctor might refer him to the best drug and alcohol rehab.


Dealing with your teens’ substance issues can be painful. But you have to be strong and patient. With proper guidance, medical treatment, and enrolling in the programs like 12 step programs of Alcoholic Anonymous, you can tackle this problem. Control your words as they can be the triggers for his abuse. Support them to heal, spread love and positivity because that’s the real remedy.


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