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Growing herbs is one of the best things you can do for your home, greenery is something that gives you peace of mind, planting a lot of plants, herbs, flowers, will give fresh air you can relax at home in the lap of the beautiful garden. It has seen that many people just love to grow more herbs than anything else. Not only growing herbs add extra charm to your small garden but do you know herbs are filled with best health benefits such as enhancing psychological health, decreasing the risk of cancer, helping to fight against various kinds of health issues?. Do you know you can grow various kinds of herbs at your own like wheat, rice, radish, sunflower, carrot, etc? There is only one big issue some people face regarding growing herbs: it’s how they can grow it in a hassle free manner. If you are the one stuck in the same question then fret not in this article you will get all the solutions so keep reading this article till the end and become pro of growing herbs at your own.

Firstly the most important thing you should pay attention towards in which kind of container you are growing the herbs. If you are thinking to grow them in a pot then take care of the following things:

  • Lots of sunshine
  • Choosing the right pot
  • Good potting soil
  • Pouring water
  • Fertilized as required

Lots of sun rays

It is very important to get the maximum sun rays to your herbs, giving them energy to grow strong and rapid. If you own a garden then make sure that your pot of herbs spotted direct to the sunshine where it can consume as much sun rays. A lot of people grow the herbs but forget to take care of them on a daily basis. If you wanted to grow herbs in your garden or already have one then it is important to take care of them daily, if your herbs are not getting sunshine then change their place and put straight towards the sun rays.

Right kind of pot

It has been seen many times that people make a lot of mistakes acquiring the kind of pot, and if you are facing the same issue then make sure to purchase a pot (or more) with good drainage and those which can easily support the plant’s root system. You must always go with large containers because they has the capacity to grow several herbs together. Larger containers will automatically lessen your hassle with keeping your eye on different herbs at one time.

Potting soil

The next and most important thing to grow your herb in right way is the soil. A good potting soil for herbs plays a very important role. No matter what, you should always choose a good soil for your herbs. Keep in mind never use the garden soil to fill your pots. Instead of using other garden’s soil you can make your kind of soil with the help of peat moss, coco peat, coarse sand, etc. An apt quality of soil is the foundation for healthy herbs. Good quality of soil proffers access to water, air and nutrients, etc. Use of good soil helps to stabilize the plant’s roots, etc. So, these are just a few benefits your herbs can get if you provide them good quality of soil.


Another important thing is to water your herbs on a daily basis as much as you can, the main food we can say for herbs is water, it gives them a lot of strength from inside as well as from outside too. Watering on a daily basis gives them energy to grow fast. If you want to grow your herbs as fast as you can then pouring water into it is the best and correct option. Not only herbs needs huge quantity of water to grow in fact all the plants, flowers, trees need massive amount of water if you want to grow them faster. Still, make sure you don’t over-water them.


Another thing you have to consider for your herbs is good quality of fertilizer; try to add organic fertilizer in your herb which can give them extra energy to grow faster. It has seen most of the time that people use low or ordinary kind of fertilizer which is responsible for destroying all of their soil, roots, stem and the whole plant. You don’t want to spoil your all the hard work in growing your favourite herb so please be wise and choose a good quality fertilizer because it is the only one which is responsible to grow and boost your herb in a good way.

Final words so, these are the few but best things you can use to grow your herbs easily at home. Not only the quality of soil gives your herb a good growth but all these factors play a vital role in growing herbs. You can now easily grow as much herbs as you want and make your garden even more charming and attractive always.


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