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For the past few decades, millions of people have been asking themselves, “How often should I wash my hair?”. You’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of different variants from the various personalities. Somebody claims it should happen every other day; some are sure that two times per week is enough, and others believe that mass-market only wants money, so washing your hair is not important at all.

But what is the correct answer? Is there a perfect formula for taking care of your hair, and are there any alternatives? We tell you all about it in our article!

What is the right frequency of hair washing?

People talk about the correct way of taking care of your hair for a very long time now. But the thing is, there is no one right way of this process. It depends on various factors, such as what hair type the person has (wavy hair or straight hair, normal hair or dry hair, etc.), what texture and overall condition it currently has, and the amount of natural oils currently produced by your hair scalp, etc.

Peer-reviewed studies showed that the number of hair washings per week is based only on personal preference and current hair state. It is possible to consult with a specialist, so they can provide medical advice for getting the right balance based on your individual needs. But most people claim the optimal number of hair washing sessions per week is two-three times.

What influences the frequency of hair washing?

As was already mentioned, a few factors define how often you should wash your hair. Let’s learn more on this topic.

Oily scalp

Oil production is a natural process that depends on different aspects, such as age, sex, genetics, and overall health condition of the person. If not washed on time, it may leave hair limp and weak and give it a dirty appearance. However, oil glands are working actively only in teenagers, as well as a person’s twenties-thirties. So, even if the person had oily hair when they were younger, it is not guaranteed they won’t have a dry scalp in the future. Also, a sweaty workout may cause natural oil production as well.

Hair type

Straight and thin hair demands washing sessions more often than wavy and curly type. At the same time, curly and wavy hair is usually drier and needs more moisture, so conditioner is required.

Fine hair

Hair texture is a very important factor. The finer hair is – the better hair care routine you need to keep it healthy.

Products for styling

Various hair styling products, as well as such aspects as air drying, chemical treatments, etc., may affect your healthy hair really badly. It can cause a product buildup on the scalp, lead to dry, damaged hair and even be a reason for losing hair in person. That is why it is vital to have a correct hair care routine.

Great alternatives to hair washing

Specialists suggest the following methods in order not to wash hair daily and still be able to remove excess oil. Here they are.

Dry shampoos

This method is excellent for any hair types. Everything you need is to spray dry shampoo on your scalp and on some hair strands to create a volume and refreshing effect. In this way, excess oils will be absorbed by the product, and you won’t need to wash your hair so often.

Co-washing for dry, wavy, and curly hair

Every celebrity hairstylist will recommend you to try this method. Instead of frequent shampooing, wash your hair with the conditioner only. Conditioning ingredients in these hair products will benefit the hair types mentioned above and make it smooth and soft instead.

Use water only

This way is very effective in washing out dirt, sweat, and other non-beneficial particles from your hair. But do not forget that this method can’t hydrate the hair and scalp, so some added moisture may be required.

The bottom line

There is nothing bad with more frequent washing of the hair, but still, do not forget that it can cause more active production of scalp oils. How often you should wash your hair depends on the hair type, health, and various external factors. Choose products with natural ingredients and consult with a specialist if you are not sure what to do. Your beautiful hair deserves the proper pumper sessions. Good luck!


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