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Human beings are typically introduced to new experiences and activities during their formative years. These impact physical, mental, and social growth.

Sports is considered to be an elevated form of play. Allowing children to have the opportunity to participate in these physical activities instills discipline and improves character. Having them join competitions and receive awards through their efforts will teach them to value teamwork, boost their self-confidence, and inspire them to reach their ambitions.

This article offers insights on why kids should play competitive sports. It will also explain why awarding ceremonies are not just for when these young competitors have a podium finish.

Why children should play sports

Playing sports at an early age benefits both a child’s health and social development.

Kids who participate in sports develop stronger muscles and bones. Activities like swimming or soccer prevent childhood obesity because they perform various combinations of physical movements.

Young ones who are active in sports can also enjoy improved cardiovascular endurance.

Sporting events promote all kinds of social interactions among youngsters. It’s an environment where a child can learn to make friends and build leadership skills.

And since many types of sports are done in pairs or groups, a child also learns the value of teamwork.

Teamwork can instill in kids the following:

  • Empathy – They learn how to be a good sport when something doesn’t go their way on the field.
  • Confidence – Their self-esteem gets a boost when they’re part of a group of peers with similar likes and goals.
  • Responsibility and discipline – They listen to and respect their coach and peers, especially their teammates.

Children who are into sports also seem to do better in school. Studies have found that students who routinely participate in such physical activities exhibit improved academic performance.

Regular physical activity keeps their minds sharp, thus allowing them to build new problem-solving skills on and off the field.

Finally, sports teach young ones to persevere and perform well amidst high-pressure situations. Kids learn how to adapt quickly to these situations and work through them.

Competitions and sports awards

Kids can play sports for fun and get all the benefits. However, taking part in competitions provides them with a goal.

By competing amongst themselves, the youth learn how to play against stronger opponents. They have more motivation to train harder to win a match.

Participating in competitions also teaches kids not to fear it. Being constantly exposed to something they consider “scary” encourages them to dig deep and find the kind of courage that goes beyond the sporting arena. In a way, it will train them to face the big battles in other areas of their lives.

Rewarding children for all the effort they’ve shown on the field is equally important. It reinforces the idea that winning isn’t always the most important thing during sporting competitions.

Host an event like a sports awards day for a little league to let the children know that you recognize all the hard work they’ve done throughout the season.

Planning a Memorable Kids Sports Awards Day

Coaches and parents know that hosting a sports awards day for their kiddie team shouldn’t just happen when they’ve won the championship cup. It’s good to organize such an event to celebrate a productive season and thank the players, staff, and volunteers for their contributions.

When planning a kids’ sports awards day, certificates, medals, and trophies are a must.

There are all sorts of ways to recognize your players using these awards. Keep reading to learn about some great ideas.

Athletic Awards

The end of a season is the perfect opportunity to recognize young players for their athletic abilities. This is the time to hand out awards for the season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), best defensive player, and best offensive player. Give young players awards related to their sport or field of expertise.

For example, you could award the best shooter, best dribbler, and best passer in basketball.

Attitude Awards

This is a way to recognize kids who may not excel athletically but exhibit awesome sportsmanship. Reinforce good sportsmanship, teamwork, and desirable attitudes and behaviors by recognizing them. Let young players know that you notice their efforts, and you appreciate them for that.

Final thoughts

Sports have proven health and social benefits for kids. And when they are allowed to play competitively, they learn skills that will be helpful as they grow and navigate life as adults.

However, it’s important not to focus too much on the competitive aspects. It can become toxic for kids when coaches and parents place more emphasis on the need to win. Being constantly criticized for their mistakes during a match can harm a child’s development.

That is why it is essential to recognize and reward all the dedication and hard work young athletes do throughout the entire season. Hosting a sports awards day for the kids lets them know that their efforts matter and that they are valued team members, regardless of the outcome of their final match.


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