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Did you know that nowadays, your phone number can reveal more of your personal information than you think? Just like any other individual using the Internet, you might be one of them who is careful in sharing personal information.

However, there is one thing that you may forget, and you might still do every time you register online, and that is giving or sharing your phone number. Although there is nothing wrong with those websites asking for your phone number for confirmation purposes, sharing your number is also putting yourself at risk.

How does a temporary phone number for verification work?

Most articles you will find on the Internet offer you a disposable mobile number or a throwaway phone number. Unfortunately, they forgot to tackle the reasons why disposable mobile numbers are used by companies or businesses online. In this article, we will not only discuss how you can benefit from using a temp mobile number, but we will have an in-depth understanding of why it is necessary for businesses online.

The purpose of phone verification

In its simplest explanation, a temporary SMS number is used for phone verification – a simple method to prove that a phone number is real and is functional and will also show that the number is actively connected to a network.

This method is effective since companies don’t need to waste time calling dead phone lines. Phone verification also allows them to know the following:

  1. Operating networks
  2. Type of the mobile phone and landline
  3. Originating country
  4. Country code
  5. Status of network

There are many other factors on why companies rely on phone verification, but the above reasons are the most basic. However, providing your real contact number is also inviting various risks to your life.

Let’s take a look at the three things scammers and hackers can do with just your cell phone number.

1. Redirecting your phone number

One way they take advantage of your phone number is by contacting your mobile carrier provider and then claim that it is you who is calling. Once done, hackers can easily route your number to their phones. After that, they can then log into your email and social media accounts. And take note that they don’t need your password to do that. All they have to do is click the “Forget Password” button and a reset link will be sent to their phone which is now using your phone number. After they gain access to your email accounts, the rest will turn your life upside down.

2. Spoofing

Scammers are now getting smarter nowadays, and there is no doubt about that. There is a new technique that they are using, and it is called spoofing. It is a method where someone will call a family member using your phone number. Of course, once a member of your family saw your number on the caller ID, he or she will immediately answer the phone thinking that it is you who are making the call. When answered, they could then trick you into whatever dirty scheme they could come up with until such time that you provide them sensitive details such as credit card information and others.

3. Smishing

In this manner, scammers can send you malicious text messages that contain links that can infect your phone with malware. From there, they can steal your data, or worse, they can be able to pretend that they are the IRS, your doctor, or your bank. Since you are talking to “someone you trust”, you may be tricked by these scammers into providing them your details and other sensitive information.

So, the next time you register online for particular offers or downloading an app, be sure that you are 100% protecting your privacy.

The importance of a temporary phone number for verification

Most people thought that a disposable mobile number is just another number with less value. Little did they know that disposable mobile numbers play a significant role in their communication process, regardless of if you are an entrepreneur or just an ordinary person.

What are the advantages of using temporary numbers?

With the advancement of our technology especially in the field of communication, it is a smarter way for business owners or common individuals to take advantage of cloud-based telephony systems, particularly virtual numbers. A temporary phone number is a type of virtual number that hides your identity from scammers or fraudsters. It is chiefly used when registering online as a disposable mobile number for verification purposes.

Below are some of the significant advantages of using a temporary SMS number:

  • Total anonymity – as discussed above, registering online comes with the risk of identity theft and exposure. Using a temporary mobile number instead of your real cellphone number eliminates the risk of being exposed to the public. Those who value their privacy choose to utilize a temporary phone number for verification purposes. Doing this will avoid you from the consequences of spamming, phishing, spoofing, and smishing.
  • Convenient to use – the ease of convenience can be found when using a temporary number since you have the total control to stop its function as soon as it fulfills its purpose. The good thing with using a disposable SMS number is the fact that you can terminate its service as soon as you are done verifying your number.
  • Free yourself from spam – once you use a disposable number, you are freeing yourself from receiving different forms of email campaigns, promotions, and other offers. These promotional offers will certainly irritate you.

Final thought

If you consider protecting your privacy, there is no reason for not availing of a disposable mobile number for verification. Hottelecom offers a wide range of virtual numbers that you can use whether for personal or business purposes. Trusted by thousands of business owners worldwide, Hottelecom guarantees the total protection of your personal information.

Get in touch with Hottelecom and our experts would be happy to assist you and help you find the appropriate virtual number for you and your business.


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