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Through E-Agriculture, innovative technologies have laid the groundwork for ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to be directly utilized for the development of agriculture by and large. This, and the frameworks, services, and devices used therein.

Here are real stories from real farmers who can testify to the kind of positive change E-Ag has brought to them, as seen on And here’s what E-Agriculture in E-Commerce can do for you and your agriculture enterprise today, and into the future.

Why E-Agriculture Online?

1. Direct Selling. Direct Buying

One of the pivotal goals of E-Agriculture is giving farmers a hand at what they produce all the way until it reaches the market, and customers (whether retail or wholesale). Farmers are at the very heart of the agriculture industry yet receive so little of the gains of the work they produce. Much of this stems from intermediaries and harsh fees. The latter, overheads and similar variables which add to each business’s overarching expenditures.

With E-Agriculture blazing the trail for E-commerce for farmers, you get to do away with relying on a middleman. You get to do away with specific overheads such as administration expenses, additional government taxes, etc.

Instead, you will be able to reach customers directly through your online platform of choice. And customers can reach out to you with just as much convenience.

2. Quicker Brand And Product Location

Traditional selling of farming goods and produce requires that you settle for a prime location or market in anticipation of attracting customers location-wise. But more often than not, scouting for a “prime location” means paying a steep rent to keep it under your business’ name.

Not so with E-Ag. Through E-commerce, your “storefront”, brand, and product can be more readily found. Once your seller page and online shop are designed and launched by your SEO team, customers will find it less of a hassle to navigate through web pages and do a search of your products and services with a few clicks on their phones and laptops.

What if your online medium is backed by SEO tools? Your farming business can stride ahead of the game. Website algorithms can track buyer preferences and product searches relevant to your business. In this manner, you can tailor your marketing strategies towards opportunities for higher clicks and traffic.

3. Information Access

Online shoppers are very intuitive about the products they want to purchase. With the web acting as both “bridge” and “platform” for your farming business, they can swiftly, and almost effortlessly know about your products and services simply by visiting your website or web platform.

You can virtually display product information, business particulars, payment and shipping procedures, and more online. Better information dissemination leads to inquiry clarity and a lower risk of customer dissatisfaction.

Product descriptions shouldn’t be vague. However, they shouldn’t be clunky and cluttered, either. That being said, if customers don’t have any trouble trying to learn about your business and your products, the higher the potential of gaining their trust and loyalty.


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