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How do you become a dental assistant? If you do not have an established career, this might be a question you have asked yourself once or twice.

A dental assistant is an essential part of any dental practice. They complete a variety of helpful tasks, such as scheduling appointments, caring for patients, completing insurance forms, ordering dental supplies, and more. Without a dental assistant, a dental practice would not run smoothly and efficiently.

If you are thinking of pursuing this rewarding career, there are a few steps you need to take before you can land your dream job. If you are ready to lend your skills to the dental profession, this short and simple guide is for you.

1. Graduate From High School

The first step towards becoming a dental assistant is to graduate from high school. This is essential as you will need a high school diploma to be accepted into a dental assistant school. If you did not graduate from high school, you can pass your General Education Development Test and use it as a diploma.

2. Do Your Research

One of the most important steps to becoming a dental assistant is to do your research into the profession. Look at the salary, the duties, the job outlook, and more. Make sure becoming a dental assistant is truly what you want to do, whether you see it as a career or just a stepping stone.

3. Attend Dental Assistant School

Before you can work as a dental assistant, you need to complete dental assistant school. Finding the right school is important to ensure you have the best education possible. Research the schools and find the best one for your situation.

4. Obtain Your State Certification

If you are wondering what qualifications do you need to be a dental assistant, one requirement is to obtain a certification from your state. This involves passing an exam on infection control, general chairside, and radiation health. Certification is required in all states to work as a dental assistant.

5. Join an Association

After you are an official dental assistant, consider joining a professional association. By joining, you can experience a variety of benefits, such as free continuing education, subscriptions to industry journals, discounts, and more. Being a member of a reputable association will also look great on your resume.

6. Find Your Perfect Job

Once you have all of your qualifications in order, the next step to take is to find a job. This is an exciting step because you will finally be working in your chosen profession. Make sure you vet every potential employer just as thoroughly as they are vetting you.

If you have been wondering how do you become a dental assistant, this guide is for you.

Start by graduating from high school and researching the profession. You also need to attend dental school, obtain your state certification, and consider joining a dental assistant association. After taking these steps, you are ready to find a job.

Follow these steps to start your career as a dental assistant.


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