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The fundamentals of marriage are: communication, trust, commitment, and sensuality. The lack of any of those values may bring any marriage to an end. Divorce is thought to be among the hardest experiences of adulthood, but it doesn’t mean it’s rare – estimately 3 in every 1000 people are getting one these days. Statistics show that the decision to end the marriage is often made under the influence of emotions, not reasonable arguments. That is also why many couples decide to give each other another chance some time after the divorce.

What Are the Top 4 Reasons for Divorce?

Most marriages hit a rough patch. It’s all a matter of time – you can’t avoid problems, but they will soon pass as long as you approach them in the right way. So what can you do to make your marriage healthy and blissful? Learn from other people’s mistakes. Here are some of the most common reasons for divorces:

Getting Married Too Early

Divorces are most common amongst couples in their 20s. The main reason for this is the fact that young people might not be ready and aware of what marriage is really about. As thought of the wedding day and starting a new life with your significant other might sound like a dream, they only focus on the bright side of the marriage, just to be miserable a couple of years later and regret not living their 20s to the fullest.

Financial Aspects

Money is always an issue. Why does it affect marriages so much? Because almost every aspect of our life relies on our finances. Stepping into a new chapter is stressful enough as it is – worrying about the budget might make it even more dramatic. The lack of money might also give you a feeling of being in danger, which will significantly influence your relationship with your second half. Luckily, there are some ways to make your financial situation better.

Most people decide to get professional advice and start investing – then, you can always get some support with selling your gold for a quick injection of cash. Besides, you can help your budget by simply selling things you don’t need anymore.


Quite a common cause of divorce is any form of abuse. Most people picture abuse as domestic violence, which is a huge problem indeed, but they tend to forget about emotional and financial mistreatment. Anger issues of one spouse and lack of equality can negatively influence the relationship forever. If a couple can’t treat each other with respect, it’s a valid reason to end the marriage.

Communication Problems

If both sides don’t show enough affection, the marriage is likely to end in divorce. Lack of commitment can make one partner feel unneeded – a couple’s therapy may be a remedy to such communication problems, but it sometimes leads to divorce too, especially when ignored.


Today, only about 60% of children in the United States live with their biological parents who are still married. As you can see, the whole situation influences both adults and kids – only in different ways. That’s why such decisions should always be well-thought-out, plus, once you’re married, you need to keep working on your relationship. Only then can you save yourself and your loved ones negative emotions and uncomfortable events in the future.



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