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Getting that perfect mattress can be a matter of life and death. A comfortable mattress is a key to full recovery after your well-deserved sleep, and that’s why choosing the right one is essential. If you’re in desperate need of a new mattress, you should visit sites like mattress guides or go to your nearest IKEA.

But what if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new mattress. You want your own to suit your needs more. Well, there are a few tips and tricks on how to make your bed better for you. This particular article focuses on how to make a mattress firmer, so if you’re a soft mattress lover, you’re in the wrong neighborhood.

Why you should make your mattress firmer

First of all, let’s answer the question of why you should make your mattress firmer rather than softer. There are a few reasons for that. Many doctors recommend firmer mattresses for people suffering from back pains or obesity. Why? Because they offer better support for your spine. Firm mattresses can be much healthier for your body than soft ones.

The other reason for adjusting your mattress is what type of sleeper you are. Side sleepers should get a softer mattress that accommodates their curves. On the other hand, back or stomach sleepers need their bed to be firmer, so that their spine has better support.

Some studies show that firmer mattresses can be better for your health. They can reduce back pains, improve your sleep quality, and decrease your stress level.

Now that you know why your mattress should be firmer, let’s see how you can achieve that without spending too much.

Flip It

Okay, the first one is obvious. Nevertheless, it may work miracles. Depending on the brand and configuration, the other side of your mattress can be harder or softer. Usually, this allows you to flip your bed whenever you want so that you can use it on both sides.

What’s more, flipping your mattress can help to level off wear and tear of your bed so that it will remain firmer. It’s actually to do this at least once every six months.

Move It to the Floor

Another tip for making your mattress firmer without spending a single penny is placing it on the floor. More space will add extra support to the mattress, and therefore make it firmer.

Moreover, it can be a free alternative for the base of the bed, and bring back some forgotten college vibes. Keep in mind, though, that bugs, dirt, and dust may get on it more easily. So if you’re afraid of those mighty foes, maybe the floor is not the best place for your mattress.

Keep an eye on layers

The majority of companies produce their mattresses from different layers of material. Thanks to that, it’s much easier to replace the ones that wore out. All you need to do is make sure that your mattress has a removable cover, and layers can be swapped easily.

Swapping layers is one of the cheapest ways to make your mattress firmer. The costs vary depending on the quality of the material and the number of layers that require replacing.


Now the first of not so obvious reasons why your bed is getting softer- moisture. That’s a common problem for people living close to the beach or in humid areas. If that’s the case with your mattress, what you have to do is lay it on the sun and let it dry.

The sun will not only make your mattress firm again, but it will also kill all bacteria and mold. Of course, if you’re anxious about the condition and contamination of your mattress, you can pay for professional cleaning. Try the sun first, and it may save you some money.

Check your thermostat

And now ladies and gentlemen, a secret killer of firm mattresses. Temperature. You’d be surprised how the temperature of your room may affect your bed. Some materials can be sensitive to cold or hot temperatures. Usually, it’s the cold that makes them firmer, so consider adjusting your thermostat lower temperature.

Of course, it may not work on some types of material. It’s proven that cold temperatures work if your mattress is made of memory foam. Nevertheless, it’s another free tip on how you can make your mattress firmer, so it’s worth considering.


There are a few more tips on how to make your mattress firmer, and it’s easy to find them all around the internet. If they all don’t work, you may have to buy yourself a new mattress, but it’s worth at least trying them all before you do so.

As mentioned above, the firmness of your mattress is essential for you and your general well-being. That’s why you should do everything to make sure that your bed is suitable for you.


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