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Birth injury earned a high spot as one of the most famous medical malpractices in the United States.

Although it’s a pretty standard case, there is a gap in following through the lawsuits for birth injury. The reason is that these cases are expensive, so the offending party would do all means to bribe the family to stall from filing a claim. Fortunately, finding an excellent birth injury attorney is still plausible in this condition.

How should you proceed?

The first step in receiving the justice you deserve is to find a reputable lawyer who could represent you in the courtroom.

Medical statistics revealed that 28,000 babies with injuries are born annually. Luckily for the parents, most of these conditions are treatable. Other statistics showed that 7 out of every 1,000 births leads to trauma on the mother or child.

To assert that there was indeed malpractice, the defendants should first determine the birth injury, which could take the form of any of the following:

  • Erb’s palsy
  • Bone fractures
  • Cephalohematoma, which is the collection of blood in the scalp area and skull
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Caput succedaneum, which is a swelling of a baby’s scalp
  • Facial paralysis
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Perinatal asphyxia, which is an oxygen deprivation
  • Subconjunctival bleeding, which is a detrimental case of blood vessel ruptures
  • Intracranial hemorrhage

There are certainly a good number of lawyers that could help you settle your case, but to identify the right one, you must first check if they satisfy the following criteria:

Have substantial experience handling similar cases

Having experience in similar crimes means that the attorney has a grasp on what should be done to advance your case, especially if your party has accumulated enough pieces of evidence for the claim.

It’s much better if your family found a lawyer or group of lawyers who specialize in the same niche and have win cases if you would like to increase your chances of being favored by the judge.

Find a passionate lawyer

It’s easy to get in touch with legal professionals through word of mouth and recommendations, but having a legal aid by your side who genuinely shows that their objective is to help you is rare.

It would help if you looked for a lawyer you could trust as you would be spending a considerable amount of time discussing your case.

Birth injuries, in particular, are prone to be time-consuming and expensive. And not all law firms are willing to sacrifice that kind of time and resources.

On the other hand, some sincere attorneys are willing to assist you in pursuing legal steps without the need to invest an initial down payment for their services. Instead, they would be comfortable going through the process and would only get the charge for their help after the cases have been won.

These people only have your best interests in their heart, and they’re the ones who should be part of your defense team, given that the whole trial is physically and emotionally draining for all individuals involved.

Know what people have to say about them

Service providers need to showcase their capability to deliver what they promised, and lawyers are not exempted from that.

Typically, a curriculum vitae could be sufficient; but if you still have reservations or would like to double-check before contacting a potential attorney, giving their website a quick look should do the trick.

To get their name on the streets, lawyers would use advertisements and create their website, so people who need their expertise could immediately contact them.

It is also the best way to post the feedbacks of their past clients since the experiences of others could significantly influence the decision of an interested person.

As a possible client, you must give ample time to identify your lawyer’s characteristics and personality before forming a client-lawyer relationship.


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