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For a child with ADHD, homework can become a real challenge. The truth is that kids with learning disabilities have unique talents and intellectual potential. Their problems are connected with lack of attention, weak memory, and inability to organize the daily routine. As a result, parents have to struggle with kids procrastination as well as incomplete and forgotten tasks. Homework becomes a real nightmare for both of you. You start acting like a “homework supervisor” and there is a risk that your kid will end up hating education as a whole. Gladly, there are ways to help youngsters with ADHD experience, and we are going to discuss them in the following post.

Stop acting like a policeman

Regular sawing won’t help – it will only frustrate your kid (and anyone in this world). Your task is to organize the routine smartly to help him/her follow the right direction and become more self-reliant. Delegate writing tasks to someone whose work is to do my assignment for me cheap if the deadline issues become too problematic. Show your support and care, ask questions, and offer advice. Remember that being strict is not an option.

Make a folder for assignments

Endless schedules, worksheets, to-do lists, and phone calls can make anyone crazy. Helping ADHD child with homework, you can practice a homework folder instead. This is an excellent instrument for kids who are used to forget about their tasks regularly. It’s extremely simple – the left side of a folder is for the assigned tasks, and the right one is for complete ones. A folder is a physical representation of an abstract concept of duty, and it will help your kid keep track of the tasks without losing them.

Redirect energy

If your kid cannot sit still for a long time and gets anxious during the studying hours, don’t be strict to him/her. Restless kids have too much energy, and you aim to help him/her defuse the tension. Allow a child to do some exercises, stand up, have a short walk, hold a toy, etc. Inner pressure makes children with ADHD feel uneasy, and you don’t need to fight it!

Plan large projects

You need a special homework planner: ADHD children have problems with time perception. Everyday tasks are not the same as large projects that require more time. Large assignments can confuse your kid, and you should motivate him/her. The easiest and most efficient method here is to break the task into smaller pieces and reward him/her every time a small part is done. Offer physical rewards like small gifts and toys to connect something material to an abstract concept of time.

Keep track of time

How to do homework with ADHD child? You need to fill the gaps he/she cannot. The most considerable obstacles ADHD kids have are problems with time estimation. They don’t procrastinate purposely but don’t have a feeling of time. That is why they cannot plan and predict how many hours they need to complete a specific task. Ask him/her about the amount of time spent on a particular work and discuss the trouble spots.

Try different settings

Let your kid try studying in different places. Try a bedroom, kitchen, or even a public library. If any of the spots distracts your kid from homework, offer another one. Turn the process into the game of exploration. Ask him/her which places are the most convenient and productive and motivate to find the best workplace. This will launch kid’s self-awareness and judgment.


Children with ADHD have troubles with planning and setting long-term goals. They can forget about the assignments and procrastinate for days just because they don’t look too far into the future. They perceive reality in their unique way, and you don’t have to fasten any “objective” ways of handling the world. You need to set up some concrete structures to help your kid orient better. Be friendly, rewarding, and caring. Show empathy when the kid is struggling with complicated tasks and help him/her formulate this experience by asking the right questions. Act as a team and homework problems won’t bother you anymore!
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