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If we were to summarize the remodeling trends in the year to come in three words, they would be Back to Nature. Interiors will feature nature-inspired, comfortable looks with a lot of wood and fiber. Bright and bold colors like gold and silver with complement earthier tones. The use of ethnic details and cozy textile will lend your home a personal touch.

2020 Home Improvement Trends: Welcoming and Intimate

Open, airy spaces have been in style for quite some time and they have many advantages. However, homeowners and interior designers are becoming increasingly aware of their downsides, such as hearing noise from other rooms when you need to focus on work or kitchen smells wafting into the living room.

Materials to Breathe New Life into your Home

In 2020, it’s all going to be about dark wood (offset by strong colors and customized lighting), leather, vegetable fiber, and metal. Dark wood has replaced light wood as the lord of the manor, giving your home an elegant revamp with a touch of luxury. Have at least one piece of furniture in every room be dark wood. Wooden panels are an alternative.

Trendy interiors in 2020 will also have furniture, ceilings, floors, and accessories made of natural fiber like rattan, jute, and wicker. These materials augment interiors with their rich texture, making them feel cozier and more welcoming.

By our own admission, leather has never gone out of style, but in 2020, you simply can’t do without it. Leather armchairs are widely used in industrial decorations because of how well they go with metal. We’ll definitely be seeing a lot of metal next year. If you’ve always wanted to indulge in a leather couch or armchair (or faux leather ones if you’re environmentally conscious), now is the time.

Metals will be at the forefront of interior design in 2020. Steel, a stronghold of industrial aesthetic, can be incorporated in your home through lamps, table legs, mirror frames, and accessories. While not everyone can afford to bring silver and gold accessories into their home, you can choose them as colors to give your living room or bedroom an air of luxury.

2020 Home Interior Color Trends

Color trends are in constant flux. In 2020, we will have more variety than ever. Cheerful tones like pink and purple will be complemented by more somber ones like blue and grey. These colors are woven into textiles and furniture, while their lighter versions are suitable for walls.

Pink has never really left interior decoration. We will keep seeing it in the years to come. Lilac pink, old rose, peach pink, pastel pink, and other shades will lend the furniture, textiles, walls, or accessories in your home an elegant, delicate, and comforting feel.

Blue will be very popular in interior decoration, seen in textile, walls, and upholstery. While all shades of blue are in demand, cobalt blue in particular will make your interior shine.

The color purple is one of the most appealing options in terms of home interior colors. It works on furniture, pictures, and accessories such as small cabinets and lamps. Combine a brighter blue, red, or pink with grey, as this neutral color will balance the bolder ones. Grey covers a wide range of styles and combinations. It can be applied to furniture or the interior walls of any room of your house or apartment. A charcoal grey carpet for your living room or hallway is indispensable.

Bedroom Trend 2020: Plush Upholstery

All of the above materials, colors, and styles are valid for every room, including bedrooms and kitchens. An additional trend where bedrooms go involves upholstered headboards. Alternatively, the headboard can be coated.

Kitchen Design 2020: Out with the Old

The materials you’d expect in kitchen appliances and worktops are nowhere to be seen in 2020. Instead, we will have a number of unusual surfaces such as marble, ceramics, concrete, and hardened glass. The choice is not only a matter of style and preference, but also of budget, as some of these materials can be more expensive than others.

You might be surprised by these trends at first. Doesn’t concrete belong in the cellar? And ceramic in the bathroom? They did, but that’s how incredibly dynamic interior design can be. For example, the use of classic marble now goes beyond countertops. It is being used for floors, walls, and accessories more and more often. There’s nothing to achieve a shiny finish quite like tempered glass surfaces throughout the kitchen. In combination with customized, coordinated lights, glass can create a majestic, surreal effect. What is more, glass surfaces are practical, being easy to maintain and scratch-resistant.

Kitchen Color Trends 2020

Kitchen colors must match or complement the general color scheme of your home regardless of whether your living room merges with your kitchen or not. Although it’s still possible to design an amazing kitchen in bold colors like blue, yellow, or red, these should be offset by dark wood and other natural tones. Chestnut brown, darker shades of grey, and black are coming to dominate. One reason for this could be how well they work in some of the new and hot materials.

One middle route you can take as you work to improve your home could be making the kitchen front surfaces a bold color like red and the handles, frames, and countertops in dark grey or black. This would create a stark, but welcoming contrast. Lighting is more important than ever. Custom neon design and other modern lighting concepts can work miracles for and on your property. The right choice of lighting can make the difference between “too much of a good thing” and “bold, yet sophisticated elegance”. In terms of color and light combinations, the following principle applies: The darker the colors, the brighter the lights.

Improving the design and appearance of your interior will pay off in the long run, so it’s not something to be put off. After all, you can only benefit from the experience a stylish, well-designed home can offer.
This article was written by Lara Douglas, a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.


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