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If you are a homeowner, you will surely plan an extension for the property at some point in time. The objective may be to add some extra space for the growing family or to increase the value of property in case you wish to sell. Whatever your intention may be, one thing that’s sure when it comes to home extension is that you will need significant investment. Even if you want to do it in the budget, you can still expect to spend a few thousand dollars at least depending on the scale of the project. Obviously, you cannot depend on savings alone and will probably need to borrow.

Getting a home extension loan may not be easy if you don’t have a great credit score. Does it mean that you should simply drop the idea of the extra room on the second story? Is your kitchen renovation project out of reach? Surely, you can still get started with the project regardless of your credit score. You can go ahead and apply for online installment loans no credit check at Personal Money Network to implement your home extension plans. Before discussing all that you can do for adding space and value to your property, here is everything you need to know about this financing option.

Avail the advantage of online installment loans no credit check

Typically, the approval for a loan depends on a number of factors and your credit score is one of them. In fact, this score matters a lot to the lenders because they use it to assess your credibility as a prospect. If you have a low score, you can expect them to reject your application or demand an exorbitant rate of interest. Thankfully, there are several lending websites that are willing to overlook this parameter and lend you despite a low credit score. When it comes to no credit check loans online, you can expect approval on the basis of a soft credit check rather than a proper, hard one. Surely, this gives you a chance of getting a loan easily if you can show a good repayment capacity with a regular job and a healthy checking account.

Another advantage of online installment loans is that they are easy to pay back as you have to repay with small monthly payments over an extended period of time. In fact, you even have the option to discuss a flexible repayment plan with the lender and work out an amount that you can easily pay every month. So you get all the money you need for your home extension project in lump sum and payback later. And you even have the chance to improve your credit score by being regular with your monthly installments. In addition to these specific benefits for borrowers with bad credit, there is the advantage of an easy and fast loan process with online loans. So you can get access to funds whenever you need them while starting a project or right in the middle if you fall short of funds.

Home extension ideas that you can implement in budget

If you have a home extension in mind for a specific purpose, you will know exactly the kind of work to be done and the budget estimate for it. On the other hand, things can be different if you want to do it for adding value to your home’s market price. You can explore different ideas to enhance value while sticking to a budget. Here are some ideas you may implement.

Add more storage space

Extra storage in your living space can be a good selling point. Buyers would always be interested in a place that offers plenty of options to store stuff and reduce the clutter from the interiors. And most amazingly, you can create additional storage space without much hassle or spending a fortune. You may add cupboards and shelves in the rooms or even use dead space under the stairs and in nooks and corners.

Redesign your kitchen

When it comes to demanding a higher price for your property, your kitchen can make a great impression on the buyers. So kitchen renovation is a great home extension idea you can invest in. While you may extend it in terms of adding extra space, there are still ways to redesign if you do not have spare space. Consider replacing the countertop, installing modern fixtures or changing the flooring and tiles for a new look and feel.

Add an extra bathroom

A new bathroom is an extension that can add significant value to a house. You may build one from scratch or renovate an existing one, depending on your budget. You may simply add a shower room into an existing bathroom and still make an impact on potential buyers. Look for a classic style and neutral shades when it comes to designing.

Have an extra room

If you have a small home, having an extra room will surely give you space and convenience for a comfortable living. More importantly, you can expect to sell your house faster and at a better price with an additional room. You can consider covering up the outdoor space in the backyard or adding an extra story to the house.

Create a home office

Since work from home is more common than ever these days, having a small home office in your living space is definitely a plus. You could partition your living room or consider a loft extension for creating a dedicated work area. While it can be a great addition for yourself, it will surely help you demand a higher price for the property when you sell it.

A home extension is an important project that requires extensive planning and budget estimation. You cannot just begin blindly without knowing what you exactly want to do and how much you are willing to spend. Also, it makes sense to explore your financing options if you don’t have enough money to complete the project. And even if you believe that you will be able to manage your current funds, you should still have a provision for extra funds. It is best to be prepared with your research for online loans because they make the best option to get emergency cash.


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