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Bills, bills and bills! You may wonder how you can save some money at home. The easiest way to manage our bills is through the smart use of energy around us – either you buy ingenious devices or change some of your daily routines.

I have six simple energy-saving tips to help you minimize your expenses and have that extra cash for other needs.

Get An Energy-Efficient Heater and Cooling System

When it comes to lowering your electric bill, purchase energy-efficient space heaters and cooling systems for your home. These systems are designed to help you regulate the temperature of your home without using as much energy as your standard systems.

These systems also tend to cost more than your standard heating and cooling systems, but they will save you more money and energy than you may expect. You should also research the systems available to ensure that you find an energy efficient system with a good reputation and solid reviews to help you spend your money wisely.

Purchase LED Lightbulbs

Most people will use standard lightbulbs in their homes, but you will save more energy if you purchase LED lightbulbs. Many people don’t like to purchase LED lightbulbs because of their initial price. However, their design allows them to use far less energy while also lasting for longer periods of time. This means it is worth your money and energy in the long run, which makes them the better overall option for your home.

Set Some Timers

If you’re worried about how long you leave the lights or AC on, then you can always set some timers for yourself. As you get busy during the day, you can easily forget to turn off the heater, especially if you become focused on work or a hobby of yours. However, the timer will remind you to turn off the heater or AC unit after a while.

Some units will even include timers on them which will automatically turn them off once a set amount of time passes. However, if you can’t find a heater or cooling system with this feature, then you can easily set an alarm on your phone. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to use timers to remind yourself to turn things off so you don’t waste energy.

Buy Standby Energy-Saving Adapter

Standby savers are very helpful when you always leave devices like chargers plugged in with nothing attached to it. Leaving things on standby still consume some electricity. Standby savers automatically cut the power of anything plugged into it when turned off through the traditional way or through remote control. It may still consume a fraction of the power but that’s better than four or six devices simultaneously plugged in the socket.

Use Window Treatments

Use your windows to provide natural light for the day. Open the blinds and use soft drapes to brighten the room. You can also add a mirror near the window to diffuse the light across the area.

You can use your windows also to regulate the temperature inside the house. For example, if you have a warm room, then you can open the windows and allow cool air or the wind to enter without turning on your air conditioner. When the weather is cold, your windows can also keep the warm air trapped in the room. To further insulate the house use insulated curtains and blinds.

General Household Tips

When washing, wash your clothes warm and rinse it with cold water. Warm cycle should not be over 30˚ hot. In the kitchen, bake multiple meals at once in the oven and use the right amount of water when heating for hot drinks. When it comes to the fridge, it’s easier to maintain the temperature inside when it is fully stock.

You can always put in some extra effort to save some energy in your home. There are other options available, but these six tips will give you a solid start so you can save money while lowering your energy usage. Make sure to give them a try so you can see the benefits through your monthly bills.


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