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Pest infestations constitute a serious problem that should be handled by professionals. Even if you know many DIY measures for managing pest infestations, the problem will eventually get out of hand if professionals do not take over soon enough.

Having pests on a property is a stressful experience, and you would want to get professional help as soon as possible. Even though you need help as soon as possible, you should also apply a thorough hiring process. A thorough hiring process will get you skilled and experienced professionals that will solve the problem.

We go over what to consider when hiring a pest or wildlife control company in this article.

Training and experience

The training and experience of the technicians will determine the quality of pest or wildlife control solution you will get. No two pest or wildlife problems are the same. Experienced and skilled professionals will know how to deal with different situations.

You should know what kind of pest you are dealing with. You should also know the experience of the technicians in handling similar situations.

In finding out about the training and experience of a pest control company, ask about how long the company has been in business in general as well as specific questions about the technicians’ training and experience. You should be particularly concerned about the experience of the technicians.

If a company is reluctant to share specific information about the technicians’ training and experience, you should consider another company.

Insurance and licenses

Pest and wildlife control companies require licenses to operate. These licenses are issued by the government at the state and federal levels. Certifications are an indication of the professionalism of a company. A pest or wildlife control company with the required certifications will know what kind of pest you are dealing with and how best to handle it.

Certifications also show that the company’s activity is legal in your locality. This is why you must confirm that a company has the right certifications.

You also want to confirm the insurance details of a pest or wildlife control company before engaging its services. Insurance ensures that if something goes wrong you’re not left with hefty bills. It is also a major indication of professionalism. A company with insurance coverage is more likely to do a better job than one without.

Credible pest control professionals typically have different types of insurance such as general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. If a company does not have insurance or you’re not sure of the details of the coverage, you should look elsewhere for the services you need. The best pest and wildlife control companies are licensed and insured.

Methods and processes

You should understand how a company works before engaging its services. You know what kind of pest you are dealing with and how much of a nuisance they constitute. Thus, you should confirm that the company will be able to completely eradicate the problem.

Confirming the methods and processes of a company requires asking whether they will identify the source of the problem. The organization should not just know what kind of pest you are dealing with but should be able to confirm the extent of the infestation. You should confirm the tools and materials that will be applied as well as the length of the process.

You should get answers to questions such as: “Does the company offer free or standalone inspection?”, “Will chemicals be applied to get rid of the pests?”, and “Will the pests be gone for good?”

Customer feedback

Considering independent customer feedback is important when choosing any type of service provider, including pest or wildlife companies. You can check out reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp. Also, pay attention to the company’s rating by the Better Business Bureau.

You know the kind of pest you are dealing with and how much trouble they’ve caused you. The professionals you hire will determine how soon the trouble will be over. This is why you should be thorough before hiring a pest or wildlife control company.


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