red helicopter flying over brisbane

Touring Brisbane by car or boat is, of course, amazing. The city offers one of the most breathtaking vacation spots in the world. Additionally, the gardens abound. The trails above the bridge offer you amazing views that are – almost – aerial. However, for a true aerial view, there is only one way to see the city – by helicopter. Simply put, the views are to die for. Not just steel, the city offers a host of flora and color that spill out across the landscape as if nature itself, has prepared its own watercolor – to scale. That is the key – the breadth of it all. Brisbane is one of the most massive cities in the world, and the mix of steel and foliage will create a visual to last a lifetime.

1. Another perspective

If there is a better way to enjoy the coastal city of Brisbane than being in its waters, being above the waters. The waters are clear near the shore and take on a deep oceanic blue as the shore gives way to the deep. From this vantage, you can often see a variety of ocean life silhouetted against the sand.

From magnificent lone sharks to abundant schools of fish, you will be amazed by the once-in-a-lifetime perspective a helicopter tour offers. If you are looking for one of the premier charter companies, such as Bekaa Air in Brisbane, you need to Google “Bekaa Air Brisbane” to discover what awaits you.

Ironically, one of the best moments of a helicopter tour is afterward. For instance, when you reach the ground and look up, you will instantly relive the memory. Being able to see in your mind’s eye the ground where you are now standing as it appeared from the air – recalling how you were just up there, that high, is an amazing experience.

2. Special occasions

Helicopter charter tours are not simply scenic rides. They are also romantic ways to create shared memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are on a first date or celebrating your 25th anniversary, the shared memories of your flight over Brisbane will take your breath away, again and again. Some of the best occasions for a helicopter tour involve the following.

– proposals: no better way to begin your lives together
– anniversaries: celebrate your lives
– hobbies: aerial photography
– sunsets: romance someone at 5,000 feet
– birthdays: no better way to celebrate

3. Not just the air

Unlike many tours that end when the ride is done, a charter tour by helicopter allows you to savor the moment by allowing you to lunch at some of the finest eateries across the city. If you are a wine aficionado, you can make your entry – by helicopter – to some of the finest wineries. There, you can enjoy the fare, cleanse your palate, and set off again into the proverbial sunset without having to fight traffic or worry about finding your car. However, if you enjoy dinner, a helicopter tour drop-off is the best ride in town.

4. Taking the memory with you

Helicopter tours are the only way to capture photos worthy of Instagram and Facebook. Most people share their photos from the sand. However, can share yours from thousands of feet in the air. That said, the snapshots are not simply for sharing. They are also for showcasing. If you love landscape and seascape photography, a helicopter tour is the only way to get art-gallery quality shots fit for framing in your living room or home office. From mountain peaks to profiles of the undulating shape of the sandy shore, you probably have just the place for this framed memory captured as only a helicopter tour allows.

5. Forget the crowds

You are well aware of crowds involved in charter cruises and bus tours. Helicopter tours, however, are private affairs between you, your loved one, and the landscape. At 5,000 feet above sea level, there is no one else but you and a loved one to share in the amazing sights. That said, you can also skim the tree tops at 1,000 feet. Although this is not exactly skimming, it will feel as if you can reach out and brush the leaves. If you want wind in your hair without the crowds, a private charter tour in a helicopter is the way to go.


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