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Today, there is a growing amount of research into CBD and the benefits that it can have on your health and wellbeing. Not only is CBD becoming more and more popular for pain management and dealing with stress and anxiety, but it is also fast becoming a beauty product, with plenty of options available to help with your self-care in many different ways. Some of the best ways to use CBD for health and beauty include:

Acne Treatments

CBD is becoming more and more popular as a treatment for better skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are often effective in the treatment of a range of skin-related issues that are caused by or lead to inflammation, including acne. Acne is a common skin disorder, and many people who are suffering from it are finding a solution in CBD. BLNCD’s CBD beauty products include oils that are suitable for all skin types to encourage healthier and more vibrant skin.


We all know that it’s often possible to feel and look better when we are relaxed and less stressed. Relaxation gives our bodies a change to rejuvenate themselves and the effects of lower stress levels can be very beneficial for our appearance, leading to better skin, less frown lines, and brighter eyes to name a few. When it comes to de-stressing, there are tons of CBD products available to choose from including oils and tinctures, creams, edibles, bath salts and more. However you like to relax, CBD can help you get even more benefits from your me time.

Improved Sleep

It’s not called beauty sleep for no reason – getting enough sleep at night doesn’t just affect how you feel, but can also have a huge impact on how you look. CBD can help with a range of common sleep complaints such as insomnia and help you fall asleep easier every night. Using CBD could also encourage you to get a deeper sleep, which allows for more repair in your body and enables to you wake up feeling rested and looking fresh.

Hair Care

Finally, there are now increasing products available that use CBD to prevent hair loss and encourage thicker, healthier hair growth. CBD has been shown to be effective in improving scalp health by regulating the production of sebum, a natural oil that is produced by small glands that are connected to each hair follicle and keeps your scalp and hair hydrated. One of the main benefits of CBD oil for your hair is that CBD contains a range of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein – the substance your hair is made up from. As a result, using CBD oil products on your hair can strengthen thin hair and encourage your hair to grow faster and thicker.

CBD oil has many different health and wellness uses, some of which have been around for a while and others that we are just learning about. Whether you want to look better, feel better or both, it’s definitely worth trying it out.


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