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What are you smoking? Finding top-quality CBD hemp flowers isn’t easy especially when there are so many different options on the market and covering all of the various quality levels you can imagine and find. Whether you’re an experienced or new CBD hemp smoker, everyone wants only the good stuff.

There are a lot of popular online vendors that claim to sell quality hemp out there. But never believe the claims or the labels that you see on the websites. Once you get more experience and learn how to recognize high-quality hemp you’ll be able to distinguish the cheap stuff rather quickly. At https://cheefbotanicals.com/cbd-products/cbd-flower/, they have quality hemp.

Several factors come into play when determining whether CBD hemp flowers are of quality. While physical characteristics and chemical characteristics can be a telltale sign the secret lies in your nose.

How Does It Smell?

Top shelf CBD hemp flowers have a distinct aroma that you won’t forget. Yes, quality hemp is characterized by its powerful fragrance. When you are inspecting hemp flowers you should take in the aroma of the buds. It should have a captivating smell that is different from other hemp flowers. If your hemp flowers don’t have a scent, this is typically a sign that you’re smoking poor quality CBD hemp flowers. A rich aroma indicates that the buds contain a high level of terpenes. Terpenes are produced by a variety of plants and primarily composed of resin and essential oils terpenes are what gives hemp flowers the smell which can be fruity, citrus, or even floral. Often the pungency of hemp flowers can determine just how potent the hemp is.

Since smell is the main way to evaluate how potent or the quality of CBD buds you’ll want to give it a good smell before purchasing. If the buds don’t have any smell this is a sign that the quality isn’t great. However, you should avoid buds with pungent woodsy smells or hemp that smells like hay.

What’s the Color?

Of course, most hemp is green but the shades can range from light green to darker hues green. Typically, bright robust colors are a telltale sign that you have quality hemp. Decent quality hemp is a combination of green and purple. Flowers that are more purplish in appearance is evidence that you have some of the best quality hemps on the market.

Here is some popular top-shelf hemp that every CBD user should try at least once.

Golden Pistils

You’ll come across CBD hemp with colored pistils. Hemp that is orange with brown flecks represents mature buds. Their appearance on a flower is a good indication of its quality.


Trichomes on the flower surface can be seen through a magnifying glass. You can also take a picture of the hemp with your phone and if trichomes are present then you’ve got yourself some good quality hemp. Trichomes are responsible for the development of terpenes Bud with trichomes also has a frosty look. So if you have CBD flowers with trichomes you are holding some powerful hemp. You will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Besides, you should check to make sure the hemp was trimmed properly. If it was grown organically then all the seeds should be removed.

What Does It Feel Like?

Does it feel too dry? Or perhaps it’s too wet? Both wet and dry feelings are strong signals that the hemp you have is of poor quality. If the CBD flower is too dry to the touch it will end up crumbling to dust in your hand. On the other hand, if it’s too wet that means it has undergone the proper drying process. Good hemp maintains a balanced consistency.

Try breaking off a small part of the hemp and rubbing it around in your hands. If it’s super sticky yet slightly crunchy then you are on the right path. This means that it’s filled with CBD. You have some excellent quality CBD hemp.

How Much Does It Cost?

Of course, the price can aid in determining whether you’ve got good hemp although there are instances in which vendors do overcharge for poor quality flowers. Quality hemp can get expensive but good CBD flowers are priceless. Consider it a luxury item like a fine wine.

What Are the CBD Levels?

All hemp flowers differ in their CBD levels. Some regular flowers have up to 6% of CBD while High CBD flowers can carry higher concentrations of CBD. The more CBD content the flowers have the more beneficial effects you’ll experience. So if you are using CBD for pain management or to help treat a mental health disorder you can expect the effects to be heightened. Also, if you invest in heavily concentrated CBD the less you’ll need to use which means you can ultimately save more money.

What Are the THC Levels?

In the United States, CBD hemp can’t legally contain no more than 0.3 percent of THC. So whatever hemp you are consuming you should make sure it’s within the legal limits. However, in some states where marijuana is legal hemp flowers may contain increased THC. When purchasing CBD hemp flowers that contain a higher percentage of THC you should know that it may induce a high.

Purchase From Reputable Vendors

If you plan on purchasing CBD hemp flowers online then you’ll want to make sure that you are only buying from reputable vendors. The vendor should eagerly provide lab tests on their CBD products that way you know exactly how much CBD the buds contain and how the hemp was extracted.

The vendor should have a customer service line that way you can easily contact them should you have any issues receiving your product or if you are not satisfied with the quality of the hemp.

In these stressful times, everyone needs a little something to help relax. CBD hemp flowers can help you do just that. It’s best to get your money worth and only invest in hemp that’s of quality. Poor quality CBD buds will be a complete waste of your money. Go ahead and get your smoke on.


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