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With Christmas coming up in no time, many of us have already started the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts. For those of us who have dads that simply live for anything related to DIY, finding the perfect gifts for him can actually be a very exciting task. The world of workshops is one that is vast and filled with hundreds of items and tools that any handyman dad is sure to love. Today, we look at our top 10 Christmas gifts for dads with workshops so stick around if you need a few ideas on what to get for the best man in your life!

1. Drill Brush Set

Drill brushes come in many shapes and sizes and are the perfect cleaning attachments for your dad’s brand new cordless drill. Yes, why not get him a few presents in the one gift? Drill brushes can be used to clean any number of messes around the house including grout, soap scum on shower doors, tiles and even carpet. It’s best to look for multi-piece drill brush sets, as they can include additional long attachments, scrubbing pads and sponges that turn any drill into the ultimate cleaning machine. Versatility is key when selecting an ideal drill brush set to gift your dad.

2. Kickback Free Staple Gun

Staple guns can be an incredibly efficient tool alongside also having a diverse range of uses. This is why an awesome staple gun is an absolute must have for any handyman dad, and the perfect Christmas gift may very well come in the form of a kickback free staple gun. This variety of staple guns are incredibly easy to get the hang of, as their trigger activated design makes for simple handling. And no kickback will make your DIY projects that much easier.

3. A Brand New Cordless Drill

Chances are your dad already owns a cordless drill, but no handyman can resist an upgrade. Cordless drills have come a long way and are more powerful than they’ve ever been before. Many drills are now incredibly lightweight and easy to use and some even come with built-in lights that are a life-saver when working in dim or poorly lit spaces. Once your dad sees his brand new cordless drill, he’ll be guaranteed to appreciate the upgrade.

4. A Killer Lawn Mower

There is something about dads and their enjoyment with mowing lawns that we admittedly don’t entirely understand, but what better a gift for the upcoming summer months than a brand new lawn mower. A good battery-powered lawn mower should come equipped with adjustable height capabilities, extra batteries, and various deck size options, alongside also being completely cord-free, lightweight and super easy to manoeuvre! You’ll find that an electric lawn mower will be a great replacement to your dad’s older fuel-powered mower.

5. A Fancy Tool Bag

A good tool bag makes it incredibly convenient for dad to store, organise and travel with his tools. If your dad is someone who loves working around various spaces in the house (or going to other people’s homes just to be a neighbour and help out), a fancy tool bag may just be the perfect gift. Be sure to select a tool bag that you feel is best suited to your dad and his toolkit. If he has a collection of small screwdrivers, wrenches and other sets of multiple tools in an array of sizes, a tool bag with plenty of built-in storage slots may be the best pick for him. If he routinely carries a collection of heavier tools, a good leather bag with a reinforced bottom for durability may be a better option.

6. Mini Fridge

For the dad who just loves cracking open a cold beer after a hard day of DIY, nothing beats a mini fridge that can be stored in the garage or workshop. Be sure to get one that is big enough to hold at least a 6-pack of beer or soda, with additional space for small snacks such as chocolate bars, nuts and anything else the big man may need to keep himself comfortable whilst he’s hard at work.

7. Quality Workshop Gloves

A quality pair of gloves is an essential and absolutely invaluable fixture of any workshop or garage. As an evergreen tool in your dad’s toolkit, it can also be all too easy for your dad’s workshop gloves to become quickly outdated. This may not have been too much of an issue fifteen or so years ago, but nowadays, there are many benefits to having a pair of modern workshop gloves, a major benefit being that modern gloves can often come with touchscreen-compatible fingertips. With a pair of new quality workshop gloves, your dad will no longer have to worry about taking his gloves on and off when following DIY tutorials online or even just listening to music as he works. He can just tap right on his phone and stay in his work ‘zone’!

8. Magnetic Wristband

There’s nothing worse than losing nails, screws and other metallic bits in the workshop. Enter the magnetic wristband — a hands-free solution that eliminates the problem completely. With 10 strong magnets embedded in each wristband, dad will have no issues keeping track of his screws, nails, bolts, washers, and drill bits. This tool will also ensure your dad’s workshop stays as tidy and subsequently also as safe as possible. Less tiny clutter on the floors will naturally equate to less chances of falls or other accidents occurring in the workshop, making a magnetic wristband a gift that dad won’t just love to receive, but also one that he can use for years to come.

9. A Portable Power Cord Reel

We can all agree that electrical outlets are always a valuable commodity in any garage. There are rarely enough of them in most spaces, and even if there are, they might not be exactly where you need them. That’s precisely why a portable retractable power cord reel may prove to be a more than ideal gift for your dad. Be sure to find a versatile cord reel, ideally one that comes equipped with 4 outlets that extend up to 25 feet away from the nearest three-prong.

10. Magnetic Nail Setter

Anyone who has worked with a nail and hammer knows just how nerve wracking it can be to try to prevent injury when hammering a nail in. Thanks to magnetic nail setters, sore thumbs from hammering jobs are now firmly a thing of the past. A magnetic nail setter will help dad hold all of his nails in place, meaning he will no longer have to risk damaging his precious fingers, or even straining his eyes when trying to ensure all of his nails are lined up.

And there you have it — 10 awesome Christmas gifts that any dad who loves getting up to DIY projects in his man cave is sure to love. Do you have any other suggestions? Be sure to drop a comment and let us know!


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