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Everyone has at least one friend who is a whizz in the kitchen. They might be the next Michelin Star chef or the star baker of confectionary. It can be difficult to buy for these people. You know what they love to do but you might struggle with finding a gift that they actually want or need. Worse than that you may need to know what they already have. If they like cooking, then they may have already been out and bought what they needed. Here are a few different ideas that they might have forgotten but still may need.

Knife sharpeners

Any good chef or kitchen aficionado will have a premium set of knives. They will have spent a lot of money on them and likely take very good care of them. However, no matter how good the knife is, it will eventually become dull and unusable. You can help them combat this with a wet stone or other knife sharpeners. It may not be a gift they need straight away but the day will come. Make sure to get one that won’t damage their knife and ensure that they know how to use it. They may even thank you by making you some delicious food.

Cocktail Sets

Now every good meal comes with a good drink. Whether you start the meal with it or end with it, having a good cocktail with a meal can truly enhance an evening. If your friend is really into their cooking, then get them a cocktail set that includes everything they need to make a cocktail like a Boston shaker. If you can couple it with a cocktail recipe book, then you may just inspire them to think about other things when they are cooking. What can they pair their meals with? It can truly make their nights worth staying in for.

Indoor herb gardens

Nothing is better than being able to grab fresh ingredients, especially for a home-cooked meal. It is why most restaurant meals taste better, the freshness of the ingredient. Sadly, if they don’t have a garden then this may seem impossible. Not so anymore as indoor herb gardens have become increasingly popular. They can stay inside and get all of the nutrients they need without access to a garden or allotment.

Now whilst you can’t grow any of your vegetables indoors, having access to fresh herbs like basil and rosemary can truly elevate their cooking. If they are really into food, then this is the gift for them. Some models even have self-watering systems and built-in grow lights for those people always in a rush. Help your friends experience what it is like to have access to fresh ingredients.

Gifts for your chef friends

Buying gifts for anyone is difficult. Not knowing whether they will appreciate it or just look at you confused about why you brought them that gift. It is important to know that it is the thought that counts. But if you have friends who enjoy cooking then there are certainly plenty of options out there. Stay away from the token aprons and get them something useful instead.


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