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If your child loves Gravity Falls, then it could be an excellent theme for their bedroom. This fun, imaginative show follows twins, Dipper and Mabel Pines as they explore the mysterious town of Gravity Falls with their great uncle over the summer. The twins try to adapt to the weird surroundings but sense there is something strange about Gravity Falls and begin to unlock its secrets. Below, we explore how you can create a Gravity Falls inspired bedroom to reflect this charming comedy.

Dipper and Mabel’s attic

A Gravity Falls inspired bedroom can reflect Dipper and Mabel’s attic. This means that regardless of the space you have available, you’ll be able to imitate the show for your child. After all, Dipper and Mabel’s attic is a tight little space in the loft – not something grand and large. If you are worried about how practical this type of room might be though, you can always purchase fitted furnishings to make the most of any awkward spaces.

Colour theme

To create your Gravity Falls inspired bedroom, you’ll need the right colours. You can begin by finding some Gravity Falls wall prints to decorate the room, but from there you’ll need the perfect colours. It’s important to remember that Mabel’s a positive, bright character who rarely gets angry. Meanwhile, Dipper is adventurous and fidgety. For each part of the room, you can use colours to reflect their characters. Mabel would work well with bold, bright colours. While Dipper would be reflected by cool, toned-down colours. By combining both with the right wall art, you can take your Gravity Falls bedroom to the next level.

A sense of adventure and family

Once you have the fittings and colour scheme sorted, it’s time to add some character and accessories to the room. You can achieve this by remembering the sense of adventure and family that Gravity Falls emphasises. Part of this is created by a wooden interior, to create a cosy, homely feel. But you can add to this by including a pair of binoculars – just like Dipper’s! Finally, you can help create a family sense in the room by putting up plenty of different family pictures. This has the added benefit of making your child more relaxed when they’re about to go to sleep. Ultimately, their room should feel like a sanctuary from the world, and Gravity Falls can do just that.

A Gravity Falls inspired bedroom can be a real treat for any fan of the show. And by following the advice above, you should be all set to create a fun and soothing dream bedroom for your child.


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