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Are you one of the golf fanatics who want to play the game in any weather? There are thrills and deep satisfaction in playing in the cold and unpredictable weather in the final few months of the year. However, you need to prepare your Performance Outerwear to protect yourself from the harsh weather.

Buying outerwear apparel like blazer performance suit, waterproof shoes, performance outerwear jackets, and wind shirts allows you to play the game during rainy and chilly days. However, you must be prepared to pay more as they are more expensive than regular golf gear. To save you some money, look for men’s golf outerwear sale online or near your home.

Different Weather Protection for Golf Outerwear

Performance outerwear is an essential investment for true golfers like you. Therefore, you should learn the various types of weather protection provided by your outerwear clothing. Here are some of them:

  • Rainproof – Also called showerproof, rainproof outerwear is usually made of Teflon-treated fabric to prevent water from penetrating your polo shirt for several hours. This outerwear is perfect for light and short rain showers.
  • Waterproof – This type of outerwear keeps you dry even in heavy rain. It is usually made of Goretex fabric, which features a porous membrane that is laminated to a layer or placed between the fabric layers. Some of the waterproof performance apparel is the men’s performance jacket and men’s performance blazer.
  • Windproof – This type of clothing is not waterproof, but prevents the wind from entering your body. It is ideal to use when playing in windy and chilly weather. Some models are also showerproof as they are also treated with Teflon.

Tips in Choosing Your Golf Performance Outerwear

Investing in a Performance Outerwear gear can give you many benefits if you are an avid golfer. It will allow you to play your favorite game all-year-round. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing outerwear clothing:

  • When buying a performance jacket for men, make sure it is comfortable to wear and does not restrict your swing. You may want a jacket with features like hoods, cuffs, pockets, and inside lining for better functionality and protection. You may also opt to buy a slip-on coat or one with a collar zip rather than one with a full-length zip. The latter usually cause your jacket to stick out when you crouch for a chip or putt.
  • You may use a wrinkle-free blazer for men when it is raining as it is waterproof and allows your inner clothing to remain dry.
  • During the chilly or windy condition, you may wear a sleeveless jacket called a vest. Many golfers use this outerwear due to its excellent style and look.
  • When buying windproof or waterproof trousers, choose longer ones to completely cover your golfing trousers and prevent water from accumulating around your shoes. You can also favor trousers with slits rather than pockets to reach through into your golfing pants easily. You may also consider buying a set of waterproof trousers and jackets to save some money.
  • To ensure your protection from head to toe, invest in waterproof hats, gloves, and shoes. Staying warm and dry while playing in the rain will bolster your performance significantly.
  • As an avid golfer, you may be frustrated when you can’t play the game during the fall and winter seasons. But by investing in quality performance outerwear, you can enjoy playing your favorite sport at any time of the year.


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