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Going on a cruise can be a terrific way to travel. If you are thinking about going on a TransAtlantic cruise, you should click here for some information.

A transatlantic cruise is a perfect way to explore Europe without breaking the bank. They often go from London to New York, and several days being out of sight of land.

Some transatlantic cruises have a few ports of call in Europe and in the Caribbean or South America.

Taking a transatlantic cruise can be a great alternative to a flight. Find out everything you need to know below.


These cruises are often repositioning cruises which means they call at several ports and are often over 10 days long. They lower their prices to attract travelers.

On sea days, travelers tend to spend their day using the cruise’s amenities including the bars, restaurants, and shops.

No Jet Lag

You will be crossing the Atlantic at a much slower rate, so you won’t be prone to developing jet lag. You will only lose or gain an hour each day when you travel the world on a transatlantic cruise. This gives your internal body clock plenty of time to adjust.


The weather will play a major role in your comfort on a transatlantic cruise. Many modern cruise ships have excellent stabilizers so even if the waves are rough, you shouldn’t feel them from your cabin.

If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s worth bringing anti-sickness medication on board in case the seas are rough. Cruises crossing the Atlantic in the summer months will generally be faced with calmer weather than in the winter months.


Unlike air travel, you can fully relax onboard a cruise ship. Cruise ships of have full thermal suites and spas there you can have a massage, facial or relax in the sauna.

Also, make the most of your cabin and get some much-needed sleep each night so you arrive at your destination well-rested.


On many of the transatlantic cruises, they offer educational activities onboard on sea days. It varies from company to company, but you may be offered computing, photography, cooking or fitness classes.

Not All Cruises Are Equal

You will have the most comfortable experience aboard a luxury cruise liner with all the amenities you expect in a 5* resort. Some cruises are quite basic, offering rooms and restaurants only.

Dress Codes

Many cruises have dress codes for the dinner table. Don’t be surprised if you’re turned away for wearing jeans, shorts or sneakers. Men are expected to wear button-up shirts and dress pants and women should wear a dress with sandals or heels.

Planning is Essential

If your transatlantic cruise is stopping at ports along the way, then you need to plan your dock days in advance. All the other travelers will want to do the same things and see the same tourist sites as you so you need to plan ahead.

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Transatlantic cruises are a great alternative to taking a flight. Cruises are worth considering for your next vacation as the price difference, no jet lag and being able to fully relax onboard means you’ll arrive at your destination well-rested with money to spare.

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