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Did you know that Colorado is the only U.S. state that lies entirely above 3,000 feet?
Why am I telling you that? Because I want you to change your perspective when it comes to vacationing in the state. Have you thought of camping? Not the middle-of-the-night air mattress deflating, who forgot the toilet paper, and dirty fingernails style of camping, but something a bit more glamorous. In fact, a lot more glamorous while having access to nature and stunning write-home-about views. It’s called ‘glamping’ and it comes in many forms.

I have done a lot of rustic camping in Colorado. I recall an awesome memory at Taylor Park when I got up in the middle of the night to use the ladies’ room (aka a spot in the woods) and I saw the most beautiful, nighttime sky I have ever seen. While enjoying the twinkling stars, along comes a bear and everything I’ve ever been told on how to appease the fearsome creature evaporates and I make an Olympic-like run to the tent.

Somehow, I don’t think that would happen if I was instead “glamping”. Glamping is short for glamorous camping and it is the closest thing to hotel-like comfort in the outdoors. What makes it a unique experience is either its location, the views, or activities provided in the setting.

Glamping’s Many Accommodations and Amenities

Treehouses, yurts, safari tents, tipis, and campervans, all serve as a home base for glamping, where you can “claim” you’re camping, but really it’s about as rugged as a resort. You can find these glamping sites in every corner of the world from the beaches of Mexico to the African savanna.

People glamp because they want to relax and disconnect from their daily lives. They want to take time to observe their surroundings and have conversations with those around them. Of course, glamping wouldn’t be complete without electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, evaporative coolers, and 24/7 access to a shower house. I call it evolved camping.

Imagine trekking into the mountains admiring a serene alpine lake or a beach on a private island followed by delicious s’mores around a campfire. Afterward, would you rather pitch a tent on the sketchy ground or drive miles to a hotel? Why not wake up steps from that beautiful natural scene where hotels and resorts could never reach, but in a queen-size bed dressed with clean, soft sheets, pillowcases, and comfy pillows. Skip the obligatory insects. Not only are you immersed in nature, but you also eliminate the overhead of large resort property and directly support the local community and economy. No scout skills required!

Where to Glamp in Colorado

Is the glamping experience for you? Many glamping sites are near national forests, with close access to hiking trails, or a lake for fishing, and tons of outdoor activities. Imagine the breathtaking wilderness area in the Colorado Rockies, and a closeness to nature, you just can’t get anywhere else.

For those who are looking for a unique rental for their upcoming vacation, the fantastic Royal Gorge has a couple of family-friendly and ‘bring the whole crew’ kind of glamping options. Depending on the size of the tent and how many of you are coming, all you’ll need to bring is some sunscreen and a positive attitude towards luxury.

Guests will discover a unique experience with stunning canvas tented cabins. Furnished with a luxury queen-size bed appointed with quality bedding and linens. A short distance away, guests will find the shared bathroom facilities, with sinks, toilets, and showers. And did I mention the steel cooler and a complimentary bag of ice for the first beers around the firepit of the adventurous getaway? This is definitely one of my favorite Glamping stays with things to do!

Guests will feel right at home with creature comforts such as a desk, a sofa, electricity, and Wi-Fi access. French doors lead outside onto the private patio with outdoor furniture, and just beyond the deck guests can roast marshmallows around the fire ring or marvel at the twinkling Colorado sky. Typically, there is a three-night minimum stay at many glamping sites. The minimum daily rate is for double occupancy.

National Forest Glamping in Colorado

Elsewhere in Colorado, from the Arapaho National Forest to the San Juan National Forest, the inside of the tents are so beautifully furnished that guests will almost forget that they are indeed in the great outdoors. Are those hardwood floors? Is that a Keurig coffee machine? Find unique and secluded yurt rentals near Breckenridge where you take part in horse-back riding classes or even alpaca yoga classes. Dinner can be cooked over an open fire in the community fire pit. End your adventurous day in a plush king-size four-poster bed that guarantees a peaceful sleep. The tents will keep you and your family sheltered from the elements but in early spring and autumn it can get a bit chilly, so pack accordingly.

The next time you want to pack up the family and head out of town, tell them about the fantastic views of the surrounding mountain peaks with amazing access to hiking trails and national forests. Consider an authentic and unforgettable glamping experience under the stars in the refreshing Colorado mountain air.

Happy glamping!


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