Gal Gadot Givenchy dress

When it comes to Givenchy, you can’t wear any of their pieces without looking fancy. It’s not like they set out to do this deliberately, but it may just be the curse, and blessing, of haute couture. It seems like a lot of these designers set up shop in 1952. Hubert de Givenchy was part of the 1952 group. The label developed a reputation for gaining new territory in the fashion landscape. This is an elegant line that has purpose and quality. Although the prices might be slightly out of reach for the middle class, the line has always aimed to make an everyday impression in more exclusive circles.

Could Givenchy Ever Be for the Middle Class?

Alert, if you have dreamed of the Givenchy designer label for a long time, then you might want to check out the Marissa Collections website. The Felpa Pull-On Pant is a mere $350, from $1150. This is your chance to have the classic black pant. The elastic waist also allows for the ultimate comfort. There are also other sales, such as the Silk Satin Pant and the Suede Sharlock Platform Shoe. Also, you can get the Crepe Jersey Dress for more than half off. There are other deals on the site. For those who cannot stomach the retail price, these hot off the press Autumn items are now up for grabs.

Themes For Fall

You might wonder where you can wear Givenchy at. If you have a special function, like a business gala where the mandate is to impress, then you should invest in this label. The Lace Sleeve Jumpsuit is fancy and yet somewhat understated. The Triangle Heel Mule can be worn nearly every day in the warm parts of the season. Who doesn’t enjoy a slip-on shoe? There is a fair bit of white being put out there by the label. This makes the season a bit brighter. You have to be brave though if you want to break fashion morays. An absolutely great, and highly marked down, item to add to the work wardrobe is the Velvet Button Front Jacket. The velvet trim makes it just the right amount of opulent without looking garish. Plaid is in this season, so the slightly plaid red and black patterning is nice.

The Embroidered Dress is lovely if you like embroidery. It’s not necessarily the most slimming pattern per se on account of the bulk. The elegant silk fabric is a nice match for the embroidery. The designer surely ensured that the dress would cling in all the right places.

Fall Overtones According to Givenchy

Most of the pieces are interesting visually, but not necessarily cutting edge. The design team seems to have made a leap backward when it comes to setting precedents. This is not necessarily a horrible action though. The classics are always appreciated. Some of the handbags and belts from the line can instead be added to an outfit for some visual flair and texture. Keeping it simple seems to be the line’s mantra.


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