bride and groom in garden among wedding guests holding wineglasses

There’s plenty to concern you on your wedding day and putting a proper plan in place before you walk down the aisle and have a crack at your first dance can help things go without a hitch.

Chances are you will have meticulously planned your own movements, but what about your guests?

The last thing you need is to be stressing about the whereabouts of your nearest and dearest on the big day so here are some things you can put in place to help.

Get directions in place beforehand

You may be holding your wedding in a location that is unfamiliar to you, your friends and your family. For example, if you are reliant on on-street parking and your guests making their way to a venue on foot, there’s a chance some of them may get lost.

Sharing directions beforehand can help, while you might be able to get creative on the day. Creating posters with a slogan such as ‘Wedding this way!’ is a fun way to make sure that no stragglers get left behind!

Provide information about local facilities

If people are staying in a new location overnight before the big day, it might be useful to give them information about where they can fuel up in the morning.

A good breakfast, stiff coffee – and who knows, maybe something a little bit stronger! – can help to overcome any pre-nuptial butterflies.

Use social media to your advantage

Rather than trying to go around all of your guests individually, why not set them all up on a social media platform that covers as many as possible – WhatsApp is typically used by the vast majority of mobile users.

This will give you a platform to send out important messages before the day. Any changes to schedules, dress codes or even weather updates will be useful to share here.

Organise transport between venues

If your ceremony and reception are in separate venues, it may be wise to organise transport to and from them on the day – especially if there is a considerable distance between them!

You don’t want uncles, cousins and besties missing out on the most relaxing bit of the day with all of the dancing and merriment!

Plan for bad weather

It’s a simple fact if you’re planning a wedding in the UK – you just cannot rely on the weather. Even in the height of summer, you may be tempted to go all-out with alfresco dining and a dancefloor under the stars.

However, be sure to provide some cover just in case the elements have a say. As well as protection from rain showers, covered areas could also provide shelter from the sun if you are lucky enough to tie the knot on a scorching day.


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