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According to Interstate moving companies, preparing to move out of your home is hectic and occupies a lot of your free time. Most of us would rather not move if given the choice, but it’s often necessary.

So, when you do have to move, there are ways to minimize your stress and the belongings you have to take with you, and one of the best ways to do that is to hold a garage sale.

In this article, let’s look at how to have a successful garage sale before you move.

Get Organized

Organize your belongings and set them into groups of things you want to keep and things you want to sell. The trick here is to be tough and not let your emotions get in the way of getting rid of something you’re not using or that’s been collecting dust.

Organize all the items up for sale and put them into boxes so you’ll be ready once the day arrives. To make it easy on your buyers, consider organizing items according to types, such as baby clothes, appliances, books, etc.

Pick The Perfect Time For Your Sale

If you notice, most people hold garage sales on weekends because that’s when everyone has free time to browse. If you plan on holding your sale on the weekend, experts say Saturday is the ideal day because Sunday is usually reserved for church, family, and relaxation.

Having said that, a good strategy for a successful garage sale is to hold it during the week because you’re likely to catch people who are on their daily commute, and you won’t be competing with other people holding garage sales on the weekend.

Last, pay attention to the weather. Aim for a day that’s free of rain and that’s not too hot or cold.

Partner With Neighbors

Another great way to reel in people to your garage sale is to team up with your neighbors and host a street-wide sale. These ‘mega sales’ are perfect for attracting bargain hunters. Another big advantage to teaming up is that sometimes your neighbors will take your items off your hands for you.

Obey Your City’s Rules

Most cities and villages have ordinances regarding garage sales, so make sure you check with your local government and see what stipulations they have. While some municipalities require a permit, others don’t. Don’t risk losing your profits to a fine because you didn’t follow the rules.

Get The Word Out

The key to a successful garage sale is getting the word out with signs and ads in your local paper or on Facebook. Also, put up plenty of flyers in high traffic areas around town and be sure to use bright paper and easy to read lettering to attract attention.

With a little planning and plenty of advertising, you can have a successful garage sale to get rid of your items before you move and have a little money in your pocket to spend.

Follow these tips before you start your moving process so you can go about it with less items and a lot easier time getting ready to move.


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