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You’ve got the house and the garage. But, let’s face it, unless you’ve got a classy Porsche or something similar, you have to question whether the garage is really being used n the best way possible.

You’ll find that a double carport can be just as effective for keeping your car cool and dry. This will leave you the garage free to convert into the ultimate chill-out space.

High Storage

No matter how hard you try you’ll need to recognize that some items will need to be stored in your garage. Instead of fighting the realization, you can create high storage that will hold the necessary items without disturbing the space available for creating a man cave.

Either add boarding to your garage joists to create storage space or create a false ceiling that will hold the weight of many boxes.

Epoxy The Floor

Concrete is very practical but it is not particularly stylish. If you’re converting the garage then take some time to look at the floor. Epoxy is the simplest solution.

Paint it across the floor and you’ll have a satisfying shine. It’s easy to keep clean and takes a beating without missing a beat.

Replace The Door

The traditional garage door is an up and over affair. Practical but not stylish and certainly not windproof. It’s time you replaced them with steel doors. These can be insulated on the inside to prevent the garage from getting cold in the winter.

It will look good from the outside, you’ll still be able to open them if desired, but, you can also seal them up from the inside to improve your man cave.


Every garage needs a few windows. These will increase the light coming in which is a good idea if you want to spend so much time in your garage.

Even if you’re planning on using the garage to fix cars or build projects, you’ll find windows can increase the availability of light which reduces your reliance on electricity.

They can also improve the insulation properties of your garage, helping to make it feel snug and war.

Paint The Walls

As a garage it’s unlikely you’ll be considering painting the walls it’s purely functional. But, if you’re planning on spending any amount of time in your garage you’ll find it therapeutic, and it improves the appeal if you paint it a bright color that appeals to you.

The Bar

Perhaps one of the most obvious mods to make to any garage is to create a bar in it. This can be as simple as a piece of wood resting on two A-boards, or you can create a stunning masterpiece. It will be great when your friends come around and useful during barbeques and parties.

Of course, it’s a good idea to invest in a plumber and electrician to add water and electricity to your garage, allowing you to go a step further and enjoy the space.


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