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The freelancing industry is growing at a rapid pace, which eventually states that many people are willing to start their freelancing career. There are various career opportunities in the freelancing field. But the most popular, interesting, challenging and competitive job in this field is the freelance art job. Although this job is extremely competitive, it can be lucrative for a person who has fantastic creativity and skills in a specific niche.

It might be exciting for you to start a career in this field, but before you begin, you should know how things work in this industry. You must have information about what types of tasks you will get after promoting yourself as a freelance artist, how the process will work, what are the advantages and disadvantages that you face in this career, and many such things. In this article, we have described everything you need to know about freelance art jobs so that it becomes easy for you to start your freelancing career.

Where to find freelance art jobs?

As a freelancer, you will have to pay attention to the online world because that’s where most businesses connect with each other. The clients search for artists on websites, forums, freelancing platforms where the freelancers are already ready to work on the projects. You will have to search for jobs on the internet and sell your services to the clients.

Dormzi provides best freelance art jobs, so this can be the right platform to start with your freelancing business. You can register yourself with the platform and showcase your skills and creativity to attract clients. Most sites also provide guidance on how to best describe yourself on the freelancing platforms to attract more clients.

Besides, you can create a website of your own and develop a portfolio that can be easily shown to prospective clients in both the online and offline modes. You will be able to market your artistic skills through the website. Having a nicely bound hard copy of your work will also help you when you visit any client’s office to present your skills. You can attend gallery openings, craft shows, or art trade shows to network with other artists and clients who might be willing to buy your services.

What are the training and skills needed for this job?

Artists with a bachelor’s degree or any equivalent degree in the artistic field can start a freelance career. However, talent and creativity will be the topmost factors that will attract any client. Hence, there’s no special requirement if you want to start a job as a freelance artist but make sure your work and skills speak for you.

What will be the pay rates?

The rates in the freelancing field depend on the freelancer’s experiences, skills, and popularity. So if you are a professional artist, the clients will pay offer you the work to design a painting or a sculpture for any specific theme. The charges for such tasks can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per project. But this range would also change based on your skills, experience, and how well you are known in the industry. Besides, you can earn several hundred dollars for art prints and individual sculptures.

The same thing applies to multimedia and digital artists. Many freelance videographers and photographers charge hourly rates for their services. For example, they can charge up to $250 per hour, depending on their experience and popularity. Moreover, if you are a craft artist, you will have comparatively lower rates depending on the sales of your hand-crafted items.

How do assignments and payments work for freelance artists?

If some client hires you for a commissioned painting, sculpture, or any other piece of artwork, then they will pay you a lump sum that supports you during the starting stage. You can use this amount to pay the expenses while you work on their tasks. The work can take a few days, weeks, or even months based on its complexity. Once you complete and deliver the work, they will pay you the remaining amount as per your agreement.

What are the advantages of Freelance Art Jobs?

The main advantage of working as a freelance artist is that you have the potential to earn higher salaries than an average job. Moreover, if you have talent, subtle creativity, and capability to gain recognition in your field, you can demand higher charges for your work with the passing time. 

What are the disadvantages of Freelance Art Jobs?

The artist’s field is competitive, which requires you to be constant in your work and produce a steady stream of work to support your expenses. Besides, you have to spend a lot of time and effort in marketing your services, which you could have spent creating more artwork. So if you fall short in finding a niche or gain more popularity, you may be unable to balance your finances.


Working as a freelance artist would be a great choice if you have the right talent and skills to attract people towards your work. So make sure you understand all the sides of this field and then start with your plan.


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