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Life is rather hectic for most of you. Most of the time you either spend at your office working in front of the computer or traveling on client meets. This may often restrain you from having a proper meal while at work. As a result of this, your body loses out on essential nutrients and also feels hungry every now and then. This may force you to switch your attention towards junk foods. It is needless to say that junk foods can easily harm your body in several ways. The best alternative is to have a good and nourishing meal replacement drink. It will not just help you stay satiated for a long time; it will also provide all the essential nutrients to your body.

What Makes Meal Replacement Drinks So Popular?

If you do not have meal replacement shakes or have never tried one in your life, you may not be able to understand the benefits of having such a drink. First things first, meal replacements from are useful as a perfect alternative to a healthy and proper meal. While travelling or while working hard in office, you may often tend to forget about yourself and skip meals every now and then. Having a bottle full of meal replacement shake with you can easily curb your hunger and provide your body with all the essential nutrients it needs to lead a fit and healthy life.

There are also many people who have meal replacements to shed excess body weight. When you have a proper meal, it is very difficult to keep track of all the necessary nutrients that you consume. This is where meal replacements have become rather famous amongst those who wish to get back in shape. When you wish to get thin, it is very important that you keep track of all the nourishments that you consume every day. Since meal replacements have a definite amount of every ingredient and the essential nutrients, keeping track becomes very simple. Thus, shedding weight also becomes simple.

Whatever be the cause of your consumption of a good quality meal replacement drink, it is always a good idea to choose one that is suitable for you and your general health. Do some research about meal replacements and then choose one for you. It is good for you to know that there are various types of meal replacements in the market. Some are suitable for those of you who follow a vegan diet, some are good for those of you who wish to gain more muscles, and some are also good for those of you who wish to lose and even gain some weight.

What Should A Vegan Meal Replacement Have and Not Have?

Even when it comes to meal replacement shakes, you will find several products that are made with unhealthy ingredients. Thus, it is important that you take some time and go through the label to ensure that it contains the right ingredients and does not have any unhealthy items in it. When it comes to a list of must haves, a vegan meal replacement should have a properly balanced macro-nutrients that include carbs, fat, and protein.

It should also have all the essential minerals and vitamins along with essential amino acids that help to provide fuel to your body muscles. A good quality vegan meal replacement should also contain heathy fats or fatty acids that help to keep you satiated and slow-digesting carbs that help to control blood sugar levels in your body. In order to help your digestive system, vegan meal replacement shakes should also contain dietary fiber.

On the other hand, when it comes to items that should not be there in a vegan meal replacement, there are quite a few items you should keep an eye on. A good quality vegan meal replacement shake will be free from various types of artificial sweeteners such as sugar alcohols and sucralose. It should also be free from soy and any type of soy-based ingredients to prevent food allergies in consumers. Added sugar should also be missing in such products.

Traditional Vs Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

When it comes to a vegan diet, it basically means that you do not consume any products from animal sources. You will have to avoid having animal protein such as egg whites, fish, meat, and beef, as well as, animal-based sweeteners such as honey. When you compare a vegan meal replacement shake with a traditional meal replacement shake, you will come to know that the former contains plant-based protein obtained from brown rice, peas, and soybeans. Vegan meal replacements also contain alternative sweeteners such as maple sugar. Thus, if you are on a vegan diet, then it is important that you take some time and choose the right one for you so that it does not interfere with your diet in any way.


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