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Sparks flying? Electrical issues can happen at any time of the day or night, causing practical issues as well as safety concerns. If you need to find an emergency electrician in Wigan, PNP Electrical are ready to jump into action 24/7.

Electricity isn’t something you probably think about most of the time. Pop the kettle on, stick a load in the tumble dryer, kick back with the latest Netflix series. When your electrics aren’t working, however, it can be seriously disruptive and can have a massive impact on your day-to-day life.

If you’re lucky, faulty electrics will cause you nothing more than an inconvenience. However, particularly in older properties, electrical faults can be very dangerous and should be inspected by a qualified electrician immediately.

Local 24 Hour Emergency Electrician in Wigan

Our team of experienced electricians can be with you on the same day, at a time that suits you. We cover a very large area, including Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire and beyond. We are a NICEIC approved contractor, listed on the Electrical Safety Register, Gas Safe Register and we are registered with the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

Here are some of the most common problems that the PNP Electrical team encounter on a daily basis. We can fix many of these problems on the same day, and at very competitive prices, so if you need an emergency electrician in Wigan, get in touch today.

Broken Sockets & Switches

PNP Electrical can repair or replace your faulty plugs sockets and switches. We can also install new switches and plug sockets in handier locations, avoiding health and safety hazards of trailing extension leads.

We can be with you on the same day for emergency callouts, or at a time that is convenient to you.

Total Loss Of Power

If your power has gone out but all your neighbours still have electric, it’s likely to be an issue with your own fuses or trip switches.

If you’ve checked these and they appear to be fine, then you could have an internal wiring or appliance fault. Give us a call; we’ll investigate and get your power back on in no time.

Tripped RCD

Residual current devices (more commonly known as RCDs) usually trip because of faulty appliances or wiring. They trip to prevent electrocution and fire, so whilst it might seem like a bit of a nuisance, the RCD is just doing its job!

Turn off all the electrical items in your property and turn them back on one at a time, to identify what’s causing the RCD to trip.

If you still can’t find the cause, get in touch with us and we’ll get to the bottom of it for you!

Blown Fuse

A fuse or circuit breaker trips the electrical power flow to protect an electrical circuit from damage.

If the same fuse keeps blowing on an electrical circuit, it could be due to a faulty electrical appliance, a short circuit fault or circuit overloading.

If you’re having trouble with a fuse repeatedly blowing, let us know and our electricians in Wigan will get it fixed.

Lights Not Working

Many of us take a well-lit home for granted. If your lights aren’t working, don’t spend much time thinking, “It can’t be the bulb, they’re supposed to last ten years.” Some of them don’t even last ten months!

If you’ve ruled out faulty bulbs and blown fuses, it could be a wiring problem. Call PNP Electrical and we’ll be there quick as a flash. See what we did there?

Electric Showers Not Working

Unless you don’t mind getting pretty smelly, pretty quickly, this is an issue that’s going to need sorting out pronto!

You can call us at any time and one of PNP’s knowledgeable, qualified emergency electricians will be with you within 24 hours, to diagnose and fix your electric shower problems throughout Wigan, Greater Manchester and beyond.

Immersion Heater Not Working

Faulty immersion heaters are often caused by limescale build-up within the immersion tank. This can eat away at the copper element and cause it to short circuit.

The element that might need replacing is encased inside the tank. Only a qualified and experienced electrician should replace this element.

For this, or any other domestic or commercial electrical issue, give PNP Electrical a call on 01942 609511 or send us a message today.


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