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Father’s Day has been commemorated for generations around the world. This is the one-day they are appreciated for working day in and out to provide for their family. On this day, spoil your old man with an exclusive gift basket that he will adore. Wrap it all up wonderfully and add a sentimental note.

Beer Gift Baskets

Beer is the ultimate universal gift hampers to get your dad. They are customized with the best craft beers from different regions. Pair this with complimentary snacks that dad won’t help but kick up his feet, sit back and enjoy with love.

Meat and Cheese Baskets

This includes a combination of savoury treats that includes gourmet meats and cheese that have delicious zest and sweetness. The hamper can be filled with premium sausages, salami and even ham paired with a bunch of crackers and nuts to compliment. Pair exceptional cheeses with a spice appetizer spread and sweet mustard dip.

Fruit Gift Baskets

If your father has a sweet tooth, prepare a hamper with a bunch of fruits like strawberries, cherries and pears. They are decadent, especially when topped with chocolate to give the sweetness even more depth. Pair this with a nice bottle of sparkling wine to add to the luxury.

Accessory Gift Basket

Men have a wide range of accessories that can be paired with their clothes. Classic Father’s Day gifts are wristwatches, belts, wallets, cufflinks and more. This can be curated into a unique gift hamper to add a personal touch. To make your father feel special, add personalized gifts like branded mugs, pen and diary sets.

Wine and Champagne

A father will love this if he is a wine connoisseur. Add a touch of elegance to your gift basket with a perfectly paired bottle of wine. The Australian Shiraz, Sauvignon and classic champagne are good options to have with a collection of high-end gourmets that makes a statement.

Gourmet Food Baskets

It is true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Dads would be thrilled by the presentation, smells and taste of good food and fresh-baked products. Pair up local foods with international divine chocolates and a creamy cheese spread that will make a lasting impression.

Bath and Body Works Baskets

Who said dads don’t like to be pampered? Pair a spa gift voucher with bath tonics set like body scrubs, shower gels, bath crystals and deodorant. He will indulge himself in relaxing aromatherapy as he unwinds. Other options for the grooming father are a beard grooming kit and shaving cream. Cologne or perfume would be appreciated too!

Snacks Gift Basket

Fill a basket with an array of snacks just for him. Show him that you really care by combining unique artisan chocolate and candy. Include freshly baked cookies, nuts and popcorn tins. There is a variety of gluten-free options that he would appreciate as well. Furthermore, if your father is non-alcoholic, he will appreciate this gesture. You can complement all these with a sparkling cider.


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