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5lbs in one day! These are my personal weight loss results after just one day (and no, I did not starve myself). I did a simple colon cleanse.

Doctors and other health experts recommend a gradual weight loss of one to two pounds per week. So, these 5lbs I lost in one day would be deemed as unsafe and unhealthy. However, losing weight due to cleansing is perfectly safe and healthy.

The colon cleanse will have you going to the bathroom several times so I highly recommend that you start your colon cleanse when you get home after your day is finished or on a weekend when your schedule is more available. Going to the bathroom a lot is not fun, but after simply this one day of cleansing, I felt so much better. I felt a level of purity and burst of energy.

Aside from feeling better, I was shocked to see my results. I did not think I would lose 5lbs in one day. To think that I had 5lbs of build up and toxins in my body was disgusting yet astounding.

Cleansing is clearly a possible quick fix to losing weight fast but there are many other benefits other than weight loss. Benefits of colon cleansing include improved digestion, increased energy, encouraged weight loss, increased colon health, and detoxification. My personal results support these benefits as I have increased energy and encouraged weight loss; I have continued to lose weight with every day, not a drastic 5lbs every day but a gradual 1lb per day of my five-day cleanse. At the end of my five-day cleanse, I lost a total of 10lbs.

It is rather overwhelming trying to figure out which colon cleanse is best. I personally purchased a small bottle of magnesium citrate from my local Dollar Tree store. Magnesium citrate is typically used to clear out your body internal when you are due for a colonoscopy. Consistently using magnesium citrate is not recommended.

Before starting a colon cleanse, you need to consult with your doctor because there are potential side effects. Side effects include interaction with other medications, dehydration, infection, perforation of the rectum, and electrolyte imbalance which can be dangerous if you have kidney disease, heart disease, or other health problems. The way that the magnesium citrate works is by essentially pulling in water from other parts of the body to help clear out your intestines. Therefore, hydration is important and adequate hydration can help if you struggle with chronic constipation. Magnesium citrate is not a solution for chronic constipation and is not safe for long term use.

You have chronic constipation if you have less than three bowel movements per week. Chronic constipation is more common in women than men but constipation also increases with age. It is a fairly common condition but pinpointing the exact cause for chronic constipation requires a doctor because there are several possible causes for chronic constipation. Chronic constipation can be due to structural lesions of the colon (e.g., colon cancer, colon stricture or narrowing), medical conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorders, Parkinson’s disease, or pregnancy, or due to medications such as pain medications (narcotics), blood pressure medications (calcium channel blockers), anti-seizure medication, and antispasmodics. If you experience unintentional weight loss, blood in the stool, onset of symptoms after the age of 50, or have a family history of colon cancer, you should see a doctor immediately. Blood in your stool is a sign of a very serious condition.

If you do not meet these criteria and have ruled out serious medical conditions, a long-term solution for your chronic constipation requires a diet change, fiber supplements, and/or medications like an over-the-counter laxative or lubiprostone which acts like the magnesium citrate but is safer for consistent use.

It is important to note that results, specifically personal weight loss results, will vary from person to person, depending on several factors such as BMI, current health conditions, eating habits, and exercise habits. Personally, I have fairly good health, I eat fairly healthy, I workout at least three times a week, yet I have chronic constipation. Ever since I started my cleanse by drinking my $1 10mL bottle of magnesium citrate on November 19, 2018 (as pictured in the beginning of the article), I have changed my diet to a more plant based diet, I consulted with my primary care doctor and have been put on a fiber supplement powder called Miralax that I take once a day, and I have hydrated more with water and hot teas. Notice I said water and hot teas, not alcohol or juices. While juices can hydrate you, water and teas are better because they are zero calories and our bodies are mostly water.

I understand that you probably have a really busy schedule but it is important to make time for your health. If you are always on the go, meal prep. Meal preparation will save you money and assist your health. To put it in perspective, often times you could make a $15 meal in a restaurant for $5 at home. Any where outside the grocery store, charges about a 300 percent markup on the items they serve. That should be enough of an incentive to meal prep and take control of not only your finances, but your overall health. I encourage you to take little steps each day to make healthier changes for yourself.
This article was written by Kirstin Chock.


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