modern kitchen remodel design

There is nothing more fulfilling than a home with a completely functional and beautiful kitchen. Meal making time becomes fun and everyone enjoys to be part of it. Besides, such a kitchen will enable you to prepare healthy meals for your loved ones and forget about eating out which can be very costly.

Even if your kitchen is not among those trendy kitchens we see on magazines, you still have a chance to give it a more stylish look. Therefore, if the appearance of your kitchen is nothing to be proud of, then consider these tips and give it a real makeover. Many of these ideas are inexpensive and so you don’t have to worry about spending lots of money.

1. Fresh paint

One of the simplest ways to transform the look of your kitchen is repainting it. Maybe your kitchen has been having the same colours since you moved into that house and no wonder you can’t see anything beautiful in that room anymore. Consider repainting it with your favourite colours and you will be amazed by the transformation. Alternatively, if you are not yet ready to paint those walls, then add wallpaper. Using wallpaper to decorate the walls can bring new life to your kitchen by giving it a fresh, neat and new look.

2. Improve your lighting

Lighting is crucial in every space in your home, but when it comes to your kitchen, you need to be more concerned. This is where meals are made, if the lighting is not clear enough, then meal prepping and cooking becomes very chaotic. You can even end up contaminating your meals or injuring yourself in the process. If you want to enjoy cooking healthy meals in your kitchen, then don’t compromise on the lighting. Good lighting should be powerful enough to illuminate every corner of that room. Also, invest in some unique interesting lamps and completely transform its appearance.

3. Update the kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets play a major role when it comes to improving the look of your kitchen. Although you can replace the cabinets altogether, it is certainly not a cheap option. Therefore, if you are looking for inexpensive ways to update your kitchen cabinets, then consider these ideas:

Repaint the cabinets

Gone are days when cabinets had to be all white. Change the appearance of your cabinets with a fresh hue and give them a modern look. A bright and cheerful colour will automatically update your kitchen cabinets without replacing them. On the same note, make your cabinets more stunning by replacing those old knobs and pulls with new ones.

Replace the doors

Another creative way to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets is to replace the doors. New cabinet doors offer a quick tip to transform your kitchen’s overall appearance. You can also choose to remove the cabinets’ doors and remain with open shelves especially if your kitchen is small or replace the doors with glass doors. Glass doors can add incredible beauty to your kitchen.

High gloss kitchen cabinet doors are another option when thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinet doors. It’s a style that has been there for long and its popularity continues to rise over the years. The way these doors flaunt a shiny finish and reflect light to the cabinets is just one of the major reasons why most homeowners prefer these doors. The reflection makes the space appear more spacious and brighter. A great choice for culinary corners without access to enough natural light or smaller kitchens.

The other reason why you should opt for high gloss doors is that they are super easy to clean. Cleaning these doors won’t take much of your time or effort. When cleaning them, avoid using any rough material because the doors can easily be scratched. A soft piece of cloth is enough to do your cleaning. If you add to the fact that they are easy to maintain, high gloss doors are indeed the best option when replacing your kitchen cabinet doors.

In general high gloss, replacement kitchen doors continue to score major points when compared to other options because they are stylish and easy to install. Plus they come in a range of colours ensuring every client gets their taste and preference.

4. Decorate your kitchen

Decorating your kitchen is a simple DIY you can do to give your kitchen a new fresh look. Simple things such as hanging some new artwork, adding some fresh herbs or even buying some nice decorating items can have a powerful impact on the appearance of your kitchen space. Just shop around and buy the decorative items that suit your taste and budget.

5. Declutter

Have you realized your kitchen space is getting smaller day by day? It is because clutter tends to accumulate the more you occupy the space. From buying more items to replacing the old ones, these things can quickly pile up and make your kitchen appear disorganized. Tidy up your kitchen space by cleaning out old items and foods you no longer need. Although you should clean every space, some of the places you should pay more attention to are the cabinets, countertops, pantry and the refrigerator. When these areas become easier to navigate, your kitchen life improves for the better.

So, why bother improving the look of your kitchen?

Improve your home’s value

Apart from your kitchen being the most essential room in your home, there are so many benefits a homeowner stands to gain when the kitchen is in good order. The first and obvious benefit is great home value. Remember when you move out, most things such as countertops, cabinets and appliances stay put unlike other furniture in other rooms which are movable. That’s why it’s easier to sell a home with a modern kitchen at a good price probably higher than the market value.


When you repair or replace damaged appliances, countertops, cabinets etc, you greatly improve the practicality of your kitchen. You will even find that the time you were spending in the kitchen preparing meals and washing utensils has significantly reduced.


Customizing the look of your kitchen to fit your taste and preference will make the time you spend in the kitchen very enjoyable. This is your home. You shouldn’t feel horrible about the mere thought of preparing a meal or a drink because your kitchen is disorganized and out of order. A few creative ways can turn it into this stunning place you just can’t get enough of.

Transform your kitchen today

A kitchen is the most important area in your home and its functionality is a great benefit to every occupant of that home. Hence, improving its look and making it more stylish can add a new life to any home.


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