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Canada has never had a strong reputation for being a gaming hotspot before now. However, with the help of invertors in this area, the poker mania has built an exciting gambling culture in Canada in the recent years, and the government has finally adopted some less stringent casino regulations than its neighbour who’s more established in this. As a logic consequence, now, more people play online bingo for real money and enjoy other gambling activities with ease.

Some of Canada’s most successful online and offline gamblers have found a spot in this article, and we wrote about their fascinating personal histories.


Place of Birth: Quebec City, Quebec (1959).
Category: Professional Poker Player

As a result of spending the bulk of his life creating Cirque du Soleil, Guy started late in the world of poker. At the Bellagio in Las Vegas, he won $696,220 in April 2007. The fact that he donates his earnings to charity is what makes his poker career more famous.

Guy Laliberté and a small group of colleagues launched Cirque du Soleil in 1984, and it was so popular that the Canadian government requested that it toured the country. Having made so much money from this, it’s impressive that Laliberté has now made his way into poker.
Laliberté began to receive requests to play on GSN’s Season 4 of their High Stakes Poker series after making a lot of money in 2007. He also took part in Season 4 of Poker After Dark. That said, Laliberté’s Big One charitable outreach from the 2012 World Series of Poker, in which he bought in $1 million for charity, is what made him a respected philanthropist.

These profits went to the One Drop Foundation, with a portion of it going to them. There were 48 players in total, with a donation to charity totalling $5,333,328. Michelle Thomas, a big-time poker fan, discussed how Guy’s donation could be one of the largest sums given to charity by a poker player.


Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario (1974)
Category: Professional poker player

Aside from his six WSOP bracelets, Daniel has two WPT titles and was crowned 2004’s Card Player Magazine’s player of the year.

Negreanu is regarded as one of the game’s most vivid characters. During large pots, he likes to stare down and speak out to his opponents, and this has proven to be a successful technique, as seen by his lifetime earnings of over $32 million in live play.

The fact that he’s done so well both on the live felt and online has earned him the title of Team Poker Stars’ most recognizable representative, in addition to his enormous live success. Needless to say, Daniel is proof that playing poker at an online bingo for real money could be profitable.


Place of Birth: Israel in 1980
Category: Online Gambling

Amaya Gaming Group, the world’s largest online gambling corporation, is now led by Baazov, who serves as CEO. When he bought the two biggest online poker sites, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars, he turned Canada into a major player in the sector.

Forbes released an article in 2014 referring to Baazov as the “young king” of internet gaming.
Born in Israel to a Jewish family of six, Baazov grew up religiously.

When he was a child, his family relocated to Canada, where he flourished academically. When he was 16, he lost interest in Judaism and told his parents and was sent away from the house. A $20,000,000 project working with computers in the Montreal public library gave him his big break.

At this moment, he decided to pursue a career in software development and built an electronic poker table that eliminated the need for a live dealer. Baazov acquired his interest in the online gaming industry by using the money he made from Amaya. Today, when you discuss online casino in Canada, Baazov finds a place in the conversation.


Place of Birth: Ontario in 1968
Category: Live Poker Player

Smith is an expert poker player. He’s done well in a number of poker competitions throughout the world, winning and placing high on the leaderboard in a few of them. Without his TV appearances, he earns nearly $5,300,000 a year in total income.

When Smith was 26, he and his parents began playing poker. After that, he worked as a poker dealer and participated in tournaments as a player. He swiftly amassed a sizable bankroll and was able to put his taxi driving and golf course maintenance jobs on hold to compete in and win multiple world poker championships.

A World Poker Tour title worth $1,128,278 was his in May 2005. During the 2005 World Series of Poker, he finished 471st overall, and in 2007, he finished 592nd overall. In the Mixed Hold’Em $2,500 Event, he won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet.

All in all, these are professional gamblers from Canada, and the Canadian gambling space is open for more to come.


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