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Swimming pools foster fun and entertainment all year round. If you are planning to install a pool, it will be your greatest investment and one of your most valuable installations. However, before you can get to the part where you jump into your pool, there are many crucial decisions to make. One common dilemma among homeowners is choosing between a concrete and fibreglass pool.

Waiting for the thumbs rule for this one? Unfortunately, there is none. It all comes down to personal preference and what suits your needs. A concrete pool is highly customisable if you have your eye on the perfect design and outlook.

Concrete pool construction lasts three to six months, with their fibreglass counterparts’ average timeline being three to six weeks. The former gives you total control to evoke a centrepiece of your entire home. You determine the look, shape, colour, and additional custom elements such as ledges. It also promotes a natural poolscape and uses waterline tiles.

A concrete pool is undoubtedly more costly upfront, but it provides entertainment opportunities for decades if well maintained, cleaned, and resurfaced as needed.

Looking for tips and tricks for designing concrete pools?

Design Factors in Swimming Pool Constructions


The available space will greatly determine the size of your pool. Work closely with your builder in order to establish the dimensions of the space. It’s always advisable to work around your land’s natural layout to save as much room as possible. This is while paying attention to your desired functionality and aesthetics.

Also, consider the following regarding size:

  • The number of pool users and the intended purpose of the pool
  • A space for a patio, especially if you want to grill on the weekends and holidays
  • Extra space after the pool installation for other outdoor activities

Integration is key

Custom pool designs should revolve around the backyard and landscape elements. It should effortlessly blend into your home’s architecture. Remember that the aim is to make the pool a fully integrated feature and not to look like an afterthought.

Some swimming pool builders offer customised packages like the Vacant Block Package. It saves you up to $15,000, yet it gives you full access to your block from the start. It helps you to plan your pool design without limitations and compromises. The possibilities include excavating, preparing the shell, and managing electrical work without hindrance. You are also at liberty to select the location, pool type, and other minor to significant decisions, which is a gift to any homeowner.

While more and more Australians prefer smaller and simpler pool designs, you can always incorporate a good water feature for the ultimate water-on-water experience and a little bit of excitement.


There has been an increased number of businesses dealing in sustainable pool products in recent years. Homeowners can easily add more sustainability to their pool constructions than before.

Examples include pool pumps, which save you up to $800 in power and 12,000 litres of water, reducing your annual pool operation costs by 80%. Their state-of-the-art equipment fosters the purest mineral water all day, conserves the environment, and minimises maintenance costs significantly. In addition, it can act as a replacement for your current filtering system.


Generally, you can expect to pay $35,000 to $100,000 for your concrete pool. That doesn’t mean you can’t find pool builders with amazing deals. Some offer a variety of pool package deals with awe-inspiring prices. This is sometimes inclusive of bonus-tailored elements.


Pool building projects are everything, but simple and unexpected costs and setbacks are some common problems. If you are looking forward to a pool you can enjoy every season, your pool builder’s expertise and knowledge will go a long way. Always opt for a reputable pool building company. Consider referrals from colleagues who own pools or search the web for renowned pool builders in your area with good customer testimonials.


If you have decided to build a pool in your home, congratulations! Great moments with your loved ones await you. However, your pool builder determines how highly customisable your pool is, apart from the pool materials. Builders with extensive experience can help you make the most of your pool design and guide you toward the best choices at every step.
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