entryway door rug

The first impression of your home lies on a piece of the mattress. An entryway rug does not only contribute to making the first glance of the entrance elegant but adds personality to one’s home.
When you’re planning to put an entryway rug, a lot of the factors come to light. Beyond your entryway’s appearance, the size, shape, and material need to fit with the area. An entrance can look over to a large hallway, an open space, or just foot traffic. Whatever the appearance may be, it’d help match the area and the rug with the tone to fit.

Why put an entryway rug?

An entry rug is a friend to your tile or wooden floor. Besides protecting the floor from contaminants, entryway rugs reduce the chance of unwanted chemical particles getting through the house.

How to choose the proper entryway rug for your home?


Measuring the entryway is the first thing to do when getting an entryway rug. Your preferences regarding how much flooring you want to cover and show are also factors when measuring the space. Do you want to flaunt the wooden furnished floor that you put so much thought into? Or do you want to cover a particular space that isn’t reasonably necessary to show? Whatever it may be, deciding the size of the rug is an important consideration.


Making sure that the size of the rug matches the entryway and helps make your entrance stand out and leave off a great impression. Sometimes a lot of homes have a narrow hallway following the entrance. In cases of narrow slides, a runner can imprint a flawless impression. On the other hand, if you have a wide space in front of the entrance, a rectangular rug can suit just fine. Some rugs come in fancy shapes if not expected. Circle, square, hexagon, etc, shaped rugs add a different dimension to your home entrance.


Choosing a sturdy material and can handle high traffic is an essential factor to look for. You’ll have guests coming with dirt and contaminants underneath their shoes. A material that can handle these wears and tears with grace is the right option for an entryway rug.

1. Jute and sisal material

Rugs made of jute are pretty popular and are heavily used around the world because it promises durability. Jute and sisal rugs are always successful in trapping pollutants and are super easy to clean. However, whenever the carpet gets wet, you want to make sure you dry it before putting it back on the floor. This helps to have mold or bacteria get built underneath the rug. Sisal and jute rugs also come in different exquisite shapes. They’re strong enough to handle any form of dirt, after all.

2. Synthetic rugs

Rugs made from fiber, such as nylon, polyester, and olefin typically fall under synthetic fiber rugs. The fun fact about synthetic rugs are, it can be dyed to form different bright colors and exotic designs. These rugs are especially suitable for the home area if you are looking to spice up the decorative environment. Synthetic rugs are incredibly stain-resistant and very convenient to clean. Oh, did we mention they’re affordable? So you get a super elegant piece in a budget-friendly setting.

3. Wool

Wool fiber is durable and moisture resistant. With wool, you do not have to worry about cleaning the rug every other day. Since wool can brush off any spots with just soap and water, it is easy to clean and easier to handle. Who doesn’t want a material which would hold off fading, right? Wool does your work in the right possible way. A rug pad can help extend the life of a wool rug.

Choosing colors for your rug

While light colors create the clearest texture of dirt pertained by it, dark colors can be super forgiving. Dark colors or colors that medium-toned can make your entryway much more conserved. These colors also create a contrasting look with the space of the home. Colors that go with the tile or wood of your floor can also set a personality strand.

Types of entryway rugs

While the material is an essential factor to keep in mind, style is never a less critical factor in decorating your home.

The variable designs can help you stick with the most suitable styled rug for your entryway.


Doormats-styled rugs are trendy for people who want to add some fun to the floor. Doormats are specially designed for small surface areas. If you’re going to put a feeling of warmth to the person entering your home, doormats can do the job for you. Doormat rugs are various because they have fun texts written on them, so it makes sure to make your guests feel comfortable before they even step in. Having lots of humor packed in a cool rug is a great setting.

Handwoven rugs

Handwoven anything is made with love and years of effort. What better way to show respect to people behind the handwoven art if not something for the home? Handwoven rugs are made by local artisans whose lives depend on them. A lot of the time, artisans even depict stories in their commissioned work. Appreciating and helping build a lifestyle for small businesses can go a long way. Handwoven rugs in your entryway can also disperse a traditional touch to your home. A homely feeling is something everyone yearns for, and if an entryway rug can quite magically do that for you, why not?

Persian and braided rugs

These rugs are made by experts and almost take more than a year to complete. With the finest threads knotted together, Persian rugs are true art. Braided rugs are also a similar piece which is fostered with braided intersections between threads. The mastery and skill behind these kinds of rugs will make your guests fascinated.

Shag rugs

Shag rugs are thick and cozy, perfect for a laid bag entranceway. You can showcase that you value peace and comfort over anything by adding this little shag just through your entrance way.


Beyond all the choices and preferences, you need to love your rug unconditionally. It is not just maintaining the first impression of your home but also making your personality reflect through the doors. Hence, cleaning your rug consistently and putting effort into repair and management is equally as important.


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