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Do you often turn on the TV and go to another room, forgetting about it? Have you ever wondered how to save some money on electricity costs? There are a few simple tricks that will help you save energy effortlessly, and eventually will eliminate bad habits that are raising your electricity bills every year.

Electricity provider tailored to your needs

The very first step to start an energy-saving journey is to find the most affordable electricity supplier, who will offer you the plan that fits your needs. Searching for the provider can feel overwhelming, as you may not be sure what to focus on. In order to pick the best one, you can compare electricity rates and check other customers’ opinions.

Change the bulbs

The most common way to save energy is to buy energy-saving LED bulbs. They are more expensive than traditional ones, but when buying, we should not be guided by the price. Such an investment will pay off quickly because the lifetime of the LED bulb is up to 15 years.

We should also use daylight as long as it is possible, and when dimmed, we ought to turn on the light only where we are spending time at the moment.

Reduce standby costs

Tools working in a standby mode are using lots of energy. If you do not use devices such as TV, computer, or coffee machine for a long time – turn them off and unplug them because they are silent power thieves, which cost you a lot. Also, remember about good habits when charging your devices, unplug them right after you see the battery is full, and do not leave a charger in an electrical socket.


You can save your money and save the planet at the same time, but the important part of saving is not the equipment changing but changing your daily habits. Only working on your routines will bring a lasting change. The point is that saving energy will become your second nature!

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