water pipe burst

Burst pipes have become a common plumbing problem amongst residential and commercial spaces. It’s such an inconvenience that more people are eager to replace their current plumbing systems with more complex ones but even so, it is still bound to occur.

The most common reason why pipeworks burst in a home is because of brittleness caused by extreme temperature which then makes the pipe expand and contract as time goes by. Another reason is simply old age, pipes usually burst at weak points which are often found at their joints. But because a vast majority of pipework is hidden above ceilings or under floors, it takes a while before homeowners or building owners even take notice.

If you begin to notice wet marks in your ceiling or backyard, then it’s best to have it checked by a professional to help prevent any serious damage from occurring. The major issue that comes with having a burst pipe is that you aren’t solely paying for a new pipe and the labour that comes with fixing it, but you’re also paying for the water damage caused by it.

If you still think a burst pipe isn’t so bad then you should know that even a small burst in your pipe perhaps just a few centimetres in diameter can cause you to lose around 400 litres of water per hour. That amount is already enough to fill two large baths. If you compute and do the math in your head, then you’ll realise that you only have to be away from the house for as little as a day to return to a mess of 9600 litres of water spilt inside your residence or office. That’s more than enough to cause damage to your premises.

Another issue that comes with having a burst or fractured pipe is that most pipework these days is hidden from plain sight, buried either above the ceiling or under the floor. This means you’ll probably only notice the problem once the water ruins your flooring or comes dripping from your ceiling. This is why it is imperative you lessen the risk of ever having a burst pipe and here’s how you can do just that.

Locate Your Valve

First, you have to know where your main stop valve is located. Since pipes are hidden, it would take a while before you can even find the problem in your plumbing, therefore, another way to go about this would be to stop the water source, and this is done through your valve.

While you might think it would be easy to spot, majority of stop valves are usually located in strange places, therefore, it helps to know where yours is so you can go to it as quickly as you can and shut the water source to prevent further damage to your space.

Insulate All Outside Piping and Taps

All kinds of piping, including drain pipes for heating and even overflow pipes, have a tendency to expand and contract when they are exposed directly to extreme temperatures of both hot and cold weather. This is what causes a weakening of the joints over time, eventually leading to the pipe burst, particularly when it’s under pressure.

For this reason, it is best to keep all outside piping and taps insulated. Make sure that any pipework that is exposed outside or to any extreme elements is lagged. For taps located outside, you can purchase fitted covers to help protect them.

If you are unable to determine which of your pipes need to be lagged or even how to to do it, then you may reach out to your local professional, experienced plumber to do the job you.

Turn Off Stop Valve When Leaving

If you are the type of person to be away from your space for long periods of time without anyone living in the space while you’re away, emergency plumbers, https://www.buzplumbingbrisbane.com.au/, recommend that it’s much safer to just turn off the stop valve completely. At least this way you’re assured no accidents are bound to happen.

After you’ve shut the water source, you can drain any remaining water from the system and close your taps again. For hot water systems, these can differ in shut down procedures, so it’s best to check your manual first.

But despite these prevention methods, you could still encounter a burst pipe and when that happens it’s best to call a professional emergency plumber to assist with repairs.


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