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If you live in an area that is known to flood a lot you may wish to consider building a house on stilts. This is actually a common approach, creating a storage area under the house and helping to prevent water from getting into your home.

However, the inclement weather in recent years has increased the number of places facing regular flooding. If your house is already constructed it’s probably not a viable option to knock it down and rebuild it on stilts.

Fortunately, there are three effective methods of preventing your house from flooding. You should start looking into these today:

1. Submersible Pump

The main aim is to prevent your home from being damaged by the floodwater. Alongside fighting to prevent it from coming in you need to be aware that floods can be caused by damaged pipes inside your home.

Fitting quality mine dewatering pumps to your home will prevent the water from rising and damaging your soft furnishings. The principle is simple. You create a pit at the lowest point of your home. This makes a space big enough for your submersible pump.

If water gets into your home from bad weather or damaged plumping it will go to the lowest point. A sensor by the pup detects the water and tells the pump to start working. The outlet pipe of the pump is positioned away from the house, allowing the pump to remove the water from your home and push it away from the house. In short, it will minimize the damage to your home.

2. Landscaping Your Yard

An important step that you need to take is to look at the gradient of your land. If it is sloped toward your home then the water is going to head toward your home. You need it to go the other way. That means landscaping around your home to ensure water runs away from your home and is directed to the main drains.

The best approach is to use concrete next to your home and then gradient any grass areas. The rain will be absorbed by the grass and flow away from your home. The gradient doesn’t need to be steep, just enough to direct the water away.

3. Maintenance

Finally, never underestimate the power of maintenance. Rainwater can quickly buildup in gutters and flow down your walls, penetrating into your home. Simply clearing the gutters at the beginning of every winter can prevent this from happening.

The same is true in your yard. There is no point in creating a gradient for the water to flow away from if the channels are blocked. Spending a few moments unblocking and checking these channels can save your home from flooding. Equally, mulch can allow water to buildup, keep it away from the walls of your house and your drainage system.

Of course, it is important to remain vigilant, you never know when a storm may happen and the damage it could cause. Being vigilant and prepared will help to prevent you from becoming a flood victim.


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