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Nobody likes having a cough. For one, it’s physically uncomfortable. Some people experience such hard, persistent coughs that they get a headache during and after the coughing spell.

Having a cough can also be embarrassing. You unintentionally draw attention to yourself and disturb other people because of the noise you’re making. Also, the people around you can’t help but be wary of your presence, thinking that you might have a contagious disease that could be passed on to them.

It’s for these reasons that you need to address a cough right away. Do not let it linger. Find out reason why you have it as soon as you can. Knowing what’s causing your cough is actually the first thing to do. Consult your doctor and get a prescription for a fast-acting, 24-hour relief cough medicine that is specifically formulated for the kind of cough you have.

After getting a prescription, there are other things that you can do to speed up your recovery and also prevent your cough from coming back. Here are five effective remedies for cough that you can easily do at home.

1. Keep bacteria at bay

Bacteria can aggravate a cough, so it is crucial that you control your exposure to it. Keep your surroundings clean and freshen up your home’s HVAC system. You want to make sure that there aren’t a lot of allergens, dust, and germs in the air.

Likewise, keep your mouth clean. Brush your teeth thoroughly after every meal to control mouth bacteria. On top of that, use a mouthwash that can slow down the proliferation of these bacteria.

Lastly, drink lots of water. Expel toxins from your body and keep your throat hydrated, especially if your cough is dry. Also, if you add honey to your water, this can further keep bacteria at bay because honey has antibacterial properties.

2. Drink tea

Warm beverages can bring relief to achy and raw throats due to coughing. Plus, certain teas are known to suppress cough, such as thyme tea and ginger-lemon tea. Treat yourself to a warm cup of tea and relax your chest and throat from all the coughing.

It’s worth noting as well that warm tea can boost the immune system during the cold months. So if you wish to bounce back from a bad cough much faster, you really should be drinking tea.

3. Steam

If you have sticky phlegm, steam can help dislodge it so you can breathe easier. Steam is an all-natural decongestant and it can even bring back moisture to your skin, which tends to be dry when you have cough and colds.

If you want to make steam even more effective, you can add a few drops of eucalyptus or peppermint oil. Steaming is particularly a good cough treatment for young children.

4. Massage the chest, nape, and feet

Gentle yet strategic kneading can help alleviate cough. Massage is known to relax tense areas due to persistent coughing. Additionally, it can help break down phlegm or mucus in the respiratory system, as well as relieve sinus pressure and headache.

An extra benefit you can derive from massage is its ability to boost the immune system. The relaxation that massage brings controls the stress hormones that weaken your body’s natural defenses.

5. Drink coffee

A recent study revealed that drinking hot coffee can actually reduce the prevalence of asthma and make asthma attacks less frequent. As most folks already know, this health condition is one of the chief causes of severe cough.

After several tests, the study concluded that drinking a cup of coffee with natural honey (never sugar, because it often aggravates common illnesses) is a good remedy for persistent post-infectious cough.

All in all, never delay in treating a cough. Try one or all of these five remedies provided above and free yourself from the discomforts created by this common health woe.


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