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If you are on the verge of a divorce or are already in the status of “single”, then you definitely need to think about what to do on Father’s Day. The fact that your marriage has broken up doesn’t mean that the child has lost one of his parents. In order not to create negative emotions in a child, you need to carefully approach the question of what to do on Father’s Day and what not to do. Let’s stop on this issue.

What Is Not Worth Doing

There are a number of things that are not worth doing on this day. Don’t you want to upset your children? Who probably already experienced quite a few unpleasant emotions in the context of divorce. So your main goal is to find internal strength and calm your feelings for the good of your children. Agree, one day you can tolerate and drown out your emotions. Let’s look at what you shouldn’t do on Father’s Day.

Don’t Deprive Your Child of Opportunity to Congratulate Father

If before your child always congratulated his father, then divorce doesn’t mean that you need to deprive him of such an opportunity. Let the child congratulate father on this day. If the spouse is far away, then you can make a video call where your child will talk with his father and congratulate him.

Don’t Condemn Your Ex Before Children

Father’s Day is not the day when you need to throw out all the resentment and negativity on the ex. Moreover, this shouldn’t be done in the presence of children. If your feelings towards your ex-spouse have changed, this doesn’t mean at all that the same thing should happen with the children.

Don’t Say That Father’s Day Is Nonsense

No need to change your child’s attitude towards the holiday. Especially when everyone around celebrates this day. Surely your child has prepared a postcard or something like that at school. Therefore, allow the child to celebrate this day and give his attention to his father, and not the fact that the father abandoned the family or something like that.

Don’t Prohibit Visiting The Father

If your ex doesn’t mind spending time with the child on this day, then you shouldn’t become an obstacle. You shouldn’t create an unnecessary reason for the child to feel again that something has changed in life. Keep calm and let the child meet with his father and spend this holiday together.

What Is Worth Doing

Now it’s time to figure out what you need to do to make this day for your child a holiday, not a day of tragedy. This is quite possible for a single mother, if you make some efforts and, of course, have a desire. Let’s get started.

Take It Easy and Don’t Let Emotions Go

Treat this day as well as all other holidays. If your marriage has cracked, this doesn’t mean that the child no longer has a father. It’s just about the fact that your life has changed much, but this doesn’t mean that the former spouse will have to be deleted from your life.

Don’t Avoid Community Activities

If there is a holiday in your city, then you shouldn’t avoid it. Go there with your child, visit the attractions and so on. You shouldn’t create a feeling in your child that if the father is not nearby, then this holiday is not for him. Smile, have fun and don’t miss the opportunity to be happy with your child!

What to Do If Spouse Is Far Away?

Such a situation is possible that the former spouse is somewhere far away and there is no way to spend this holiday with the child. Therefore, you can take your child to a cafe to celebrate this holiday. Contact your spouse in advance and arrange when it will be convenient for him to talk via video. Thus, the child will be able to congratulate his father, and a change of atmosphere will add a sense of celebration. So the child won’t have negative emotions and a negative attitude to the holiday in the future.

What to Do If the Spouse Don’t Want to Communicate with the Child?

Unfortunately, it happens that the father doesn’t want to communicate either with his ex-wife or with the child. But what if your child wants to congratulate the father? You can do the following.

  • Offer the child to send a postcard to the father, citing the fact that the father is far away and he has no opportunity to come. Pretend that you sent a postcard and take your child to the cinema, cafe to cheer him up.
  • If your child knows that the father doesn’t want to communicate and is worried about this, then offer to congratulate grandfather or uncle together. Prepare a card or gift and go congratulate them together. Mention that this holiday is for every man who has kids. Thus, the child won’t worry that he has no one to congratulate on such a holiday.

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It’s Time to Conclude

Father’s Day is a good holiday, even when you no longer live with your spouse. Don’t deprive the child of the holiday and the opportunity to congratulate his father. Be a good mother for your kid and start to be happy on this holiday. Follow the recommendations and don’t create emotional stress for your child. As you see, this isn’t so complicated.


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