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Sending your kids off to college can be an incredibly exciting and emotional time. It’s likely to be the first time they’ll be away from home, so you want them to be fully prepared. Don’t let them leave for college without these dorm room essentials. Between the packing mayhem and emotional goodbyes, it’s no wonder items get missed. So, we’ve compiled this handy list to help you stay organized and give them the best start possible. This is not a complete list but just a jumping-off point to get your packing started!

Before buying any items, it’s a good idea to check what the college provides as standard.


Going to college will be a big change for them, and let’s face it, starting classes and making new friends will be exhausting. It’s important to make sure they have everything they need for a good night’s sleep.

Before buying, you’ll need to check the size of the bed in their dorm room. Ensure they’ve got sheets, pillows, a mattress topper, and a comforter.


Another obvious one, but one you really don’t want to forget. Make sure you pack them off with some good-quality towels. Sure, you can buy towels everywhere, but they’ll need them right away if they’re going to get off to a good start.

Storage Solutions

It’s likely their doom room won’t be huge, so it’s important to invest in some storage solutions so you can make the most of the space. Underbed boxes are great for storing clothes and shoes neatly away. A shower caddy is amazing because it’s a multipurpose item. Not only can it be used to store all their wash bag items in their room, but it’s also necessary for when they need to trek down the hall to get a shower.

Another way you can easily create more storage is by using command hooks. They attach to the wall with adhesive and so can be easily removed without making a mess. They can be used to hang clothing, framed photos, keys, or anything that doesn’t have a permanent home.

Home comforts

As well as all the basics, to help them settle into their new life, it’s important to send them off with plenty of home comforts. Framed family photos are a nice way to remind them of their home. You could even create a hamper of their favorite sweet treats. Cozy items like fairy lights, candles, small house plants, and bean bags for dorm rooms can add extra coziness as they can quickly make them feel at home.

First Aid Kit

Just in case, right? Hopefully, they’ll never be in a situation to need a first aid kit, but it’s always better to have it on hand. You can even add your own supplies that you think they might need – such as cold and flu medicine or some extra hair ties and plasters.

Hopefully, this article has got you thinking about what your kids might need to have a great start as they transition into adulthood.


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