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Moving out for college is a significant milestone and deserves to be celebrated. One of the first things people like to do is decorate their single college dorm room. Even those who share a room with another person can change up the design of their new space.

Are you looking for a way to decorate your new dorm room? Whether it’s single dorm room ideas or dorm room themes you’re in search of, we’ll be covering it all in this article, so read on!

1. Introduce Some Artsy Designs

If you’re drawn to arts and crafts, there’s so much you can do with your room. Have you tried adding art pieces to your room yet? If not, now is a great time to start. To achieve the “artsy” aesthetic, you can do the following:

Hang up posters: Posters are easily available and inexpensive, making them the perfect wall decoration for your dorm room. The best thing about posters is that they don’t need to be hung off a nail, so you won’t have to drill any holes into your dorm room walls. You can simply put your posters up with some wall-safe tape or Blu Tack. Dull walls can kill the vibe of any room, but posters, paintings, and prints can give even the dullest wall life.

Add decoration pieces: Another way to add art to your room is by placing small handmade busts, pottery, or any decoration piece that matches your room’s vibe. This will help you add color to your room, too. Feel free to coordinate the color of these pieces with your furniture, flooring, and walls.

2. Breathe Life Into Your Room With Some Plants

One of the best single dorm room ideas is adding some plants in your room! Not only are plants great to look at, but they also help purify the air in your room. Air cleansing and detoxifying are essential because things can get stuffy inside dorm rooms, especially if you’re sharing the space with another person. If you’re a fan of the great outdoors and nature, plants will be the perfect addition to your room.

Some great low maintenance options include succulents, ferns, and cacti. Aloe Vera is one of the most popular forms of cacti for dorm rooms because it is low maintenance, and the spikes don’t prick. Another excellent option is a snake plant or even a spider plant. Both of these have remarkably high rates of benzene (which is found in wall paint) absorption and will help keep your airspace safe and clean. They require moderate sunlight and water, which makes them ideal options for indoor dorm room plants. You can place your planters near a windowsill, on a shelf, or your desk.

3. Liven Up That Lighting!

Lights can change the entire feel of your room. Before committing to a certain lighting style, play around with different options. Lighting is an extremely versatile thing, and can be used to draw attention to a specific section of your room, or create a monochrome balance all around.

If you spend a lot of time studying in your dorm room, you should consider investing in a desk lamp. For a warm vibe, choose a mild yellow bulb. For an instant wake-up, opt for bright white light. Make sure you choose a practical form of lighting to complement your study sessions. Essay writing demands complete focus and clarity of mind. It is a staple part of the routine of college students everywhere. So, do not compromise on desk lighting.

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Fairy lights can make your room feel cozy and warm. Consider draping them above your bed or over your dressing table or mirror. The best thing about fairy lights is that you don’t’ need to install a wall mount for them, allowing them to be placed inside virtually any dorm room. You can choose between a battery-operated version and a plug-in type. Fairy lights also come in an exciting range of colors, so choose one that compliments the general aesthetic of your room.

4. Add Photographs

Living away from your family and old friends can put us all in a blue mood, so why not remind ourselves of them through photos? Photographs are magical; they’re moments captured and frozen in time forever. Looking back at them can bring back happy memories and remind us of all the beautiful people that have graced our lives.

Adding photos to your single college dorm is a relatively easy feat. All you need to do is collect all your memories, compile them on your computer, and print them out. It’s simple, doesn’t cost much, and won’t take up too much of your time. You can place these pictures within photo frames and dot your tables with them or stick them to your walls with Blue Tack. Another way to accessorize your room is by stringing these photos onto fairy lights or tamed rope and hang them up over your bed.

5. Rugs And Mats

A cold floor is one of the least comforting things to wake up to. So, dress up your floor with some cozy rugs and mats. A faux fur is an excellent option. Faux fur mats come in many colors, including vibrant white, warm pink, and jet black. You can also place a knitted, thrift-style mat to cover up the floor without burning a hole through your wallet.

Dorm rooms can get dull and boring, but with these five style tips, your room will transform into the coziest and warm space in the entire college!


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